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What Do You Expect To See Before Pluto Leaves Capricorn?

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while the stock markets can crash the younger generations/people at large are well equipped to take advantage of it. Rich and equipped will continue to get richer. There is no breathing space for any kind of naivety. 

Regarding stockpiling of food: I personally feel there are hundreds of entrepreneurial people waiting to take advantage of any shortage by becoming the only source of supply. (ex what e-commerce did in 2020)



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One thing I’m seeing is more and more people standing up to their employers, their governments, etc. Basically, any authority trying to force people to act against their values or conscience, overwork and undermine them, or otherwise crush them, is getting a boot in their ass. 

Just today I heard that all the staff at a news station in Russia walked off air in protest (they are not allowed to report anything except government propaganda, and could lose their lives if they don’t).  

Healthcare workers, teachers, truckers, fast food workers, news reporters, office staff, and the list goes on—they’re quitting. They’ve had enough. They are willing to die or lose their jobs and careers in order to fight tyranny. 

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I see the beginning of a market correction. Increasing awareness (has begun already) of the people and questioning governments and their hand in media. More work and reporting by the people for the people. Less blind obedience.

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@kim I think the "people' who are reporting are also the "media". People need to learn to spot this but most can't.

I put a lot of effort into and still get tricked.  Pretty soon, everyone you can access on the internet will be corporate.  They'll just be dressed as down-home people, sort of like the country music performers are.  It's a costume.

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An OOB moon (around the 17th) and some out of bounds planets set up to trigger in Nov '24

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