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What Distinguishes You From Others?

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It used to be that I was the quiet one - I would always hear "It's the quiet ones you have to watch out for!"  And when I would open my mouth, something shocking or thought-provoking would come out - so they were right! Uranus&Saturn in Cap in the 1st house.

I've opened up so much in the last 5 years or so. I'm glad to have shed that quiet girl label. Not really sure what makes me stand out now - maybe that I'm the one who's great with kids. I'd rather hang out with little kids and old people rather than all the ages in the middle.

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I am trying to work on this one - with my Aries Moon and Aries rising, I am too quick to blurt out a comment without thinking it through.  I have been described as "too blunt".  Even though I am very sensitive with my own feelings, I often do not come across as a caring person to others.

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@okscorpiogal I find with Aries energy that the light that is exuded by an individual has a particular quality of brightness and penetration (Mars). It is very crisp and dynamic, such as you get with first morning light (being Springtime and the 1st sign of zodiac). It casts sharp outlines with its brightness, it separates things out. In speaking/words we describe it as honesty. A lot of people are attracted to this light - someone who says/shows what is really there - but it also makes them uncomfortable to know, too bright, put on the sunglasses! My sense is that this attraction-rejection pattern leaves Aries people feeling lonely and unable to fit in, so they make the best of it. A lot of the independence may really be about avoiding being potentially misunderstood and rejected when people get close.

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I can hang out in all types of situations and talk to just about anyone and have a good time.

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@Elsa comedic ability is a gift and as I'm sure your son is aware, there are tons of improv courses specifically for developing business and public speaking skills

So whether he stays in engineering or not, his comedic ability can take him far in his career.

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