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What are your experiences with 8th house composite

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Upon extensive research - Most say a heavy  8th house composite is doom and gloom. While my love and I have this heavily (sun, Venus mercury) square Saturn in 5th its not as dark as some speak of... But then again that is as

of right now.. Any of you experience a heavy 8th house relationship/ that you were / are currently in? If you are currently in this relationship still.. How did/ do you guys go about keeping the relationship in a good space?

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Would love feedback

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My husband and I have a similar, intensely committed composite chart.  The pressure is relentless.  8th house Sun, Moon Saturn t-square, with extra planets involved.

I think we're able tp deal with it because we failed to deal with it as teenagers and we know how that worked out for us. 20+ years, each, with the a person not meant for us and without the person who's meant for us!

You'll make it if you want to make it. If you're expecting it to be easy though... get out.

I mean it.  You have really love the person. Maturity helps along with realistic expectations.

My husband and I both grew up hearing this... 

This has helped us.  As hard as it may be, it would be worse for both of us, if we were alone!

Good luck.

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My ex boyfriend and I had an extremely intense 8th house-heavy composite chart with an Aries Point 0° rising, Sun conjunct Saturn in Scorpio, and MC conjunct Neptune at 0° Capricorn. I've included a picture so you can see the insanity.

This was in many ways a life-changing relationship for me; I honestly thought I would marry him and I felt incredibly bonded with him. Thankfully, though, it was not meant to be, and I was able to pull myself out of it because there was a lot of stuff that was being hidden from me, which came out later.

Additionally, this relationship revealed many important things to me about my past, and taught me a great many lessons about deeply bonded love and connection. I do not look back on it and wish I had it again -- I have processed the experience -- but the spell it cast felt as deep as oceans. There is no other relationship that has knocked me flat on my back the way this one did -- especially after it ended.

Looking to a future relationship, I would want a measure of that same intensity and possessiveness, but without the toxicity, of course. And, of course, I know myself a lot more now than I did then.