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Upper hemisphere planets

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Is there any significance having only one planet in upper hemisphere?

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I've always wondered why the left hemisphere is called East and the upper hemisphere called South, etc. -- the opposite of directions on a map... ?

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yes, I don't have much up top and I am notoriously private... but that's also my Pluto Scorp ASC 

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SunnyScorp  --  Having only one planet in any hemisphere is often considered a singleton.  A singleton can be a sole planet in an element, quality or hemisphere.  Often when someone has a hemisphere singleton, the chart is referred to as a bucket chart.  The handle of the chart being the single planet.  And that is what I have.  Natal Jupiter in the 10th house and everything else is positioned in the lower half of the chart.  Imagine having to use a funnel for mixing a drink or cooking.  The base already in the container seems to be the dominate ingredient.  Then you start adding additional ingredients, Sun, Moon, Venus, etc.  --  everything else just being dumped on the major base.  That is a lot of pressure being applied to the one planet.  And that energy has to be used very carefully.  And all the various aspects to other planets has to be carefully interwoven.  Does not matter upper, lower, east or west, the basic concept carries through.  For several years, I have usually enjoyed and learned a lot as I have now been in a time frame in my life where all the planets from Jupiter on out are progressing through the upper half of my chart.  This is a first for me.

When you see a chart that appears to look lopsided, there is a lot to be learned  --  take the time to pull it apart and ask questions.