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The depthness of virgo

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Yeah, its hard to manifest the real power of the archetype. This is true to all archetypes. We all have much energy inside ourselves, but the expression is often complicate. In the case of virgo, we really to give them the benefit of the doubt. They are constantly and intensely in a inner state of crises. Their consciousness is opening to bigger realities than themselves and they often feel unbalanced because of that. The inner pain of virgo is because their sense of self is falling apart. They are kind in the middle of an inner earthquake and they are trying to grab something but nothing seems to satisfy them....of course, all their neurosis can be explained by the deep nature of this archetype: manifestation of divine energy. We can't see that in them, they probably can't see that in themselves, but in the higher picture they are looking for God's perfection and wholeness. They feel this existencial void and inner lack that really hurts them deeply, and they can be truly difficult to deal with. They don't know why they feel like a black hole that can't never be filled and they may seem harsh, superficial or annoying, but that's not who they truly are. It's just the process of embodying the higher energies- it can be quite hard. That's why I say that virgo is especially difficult to understand - they have so much more than we can see at  frist glance. Their inner world is being constantly questioned, analyzed, destroyed, rebuilded....or in a state of fearful inertia. Oh virgos....I really wish you luck!

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