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The Astrology of Joe Rogan

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Haha:) No we haven’t crossed paths. 

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I’ve been feeling low energy lately and this is just the type of absurd degenerate lunacy that can lift my spirits when I’m low. If anyone does check it out, it’s super un-pc, but man is it a breath of fresh air to listen to some people who just don’t take themselves too seriously.

Also, I think Andrew Schulz is such a cutie!XD He’s a Scorpio Sun/stellium with an Aquarius Moon, so it figures that I’m attracted to his energy. I often find men with a Marsy sun pretty damn irresistible, but they’re like potato chips—I love ‘em, but all they really do is go straight to my butt ?. Nothing against Schulz, of course, he’s great. Just talking about my patterns lol though I haven’t dated a Scorpio before so maybe someone similar could pop up in my path...:)) haha....

Anyway, it’s a great convo, they cover a lot, and I laughed out loud plenty and ended it feeling good. One of the reasons why I first thought JR was a Scorpio Moon was because the people he tends to flow well with are overwhelmingly fixed Suns with fixed Moons. It’s a strong pattern of his, and fixed signs tend to vibe well together anyway, and lots of people tend to gravitate to energies that reflect their own, astrologically. I’m pretty convinced by the Libra moon charts but I dunno.... I honestly can’t think of any Libra moons I know, personally irl, so can’t compare!

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