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I'm one, a Scorpio Pluto, of a few who didn't do casual sex. My Capricorn Venus won't allow it. Growing up as a handsome kid I was able to date but I also was very aware, without revealing it, how frivolous the women I attracted were and rather than role the possibly diseased dice, went on without fulfilling my desires until near the end of H.S.

I also have Mars and Saturn in Scorpio, with a Stellium in Capricorn with an Aquarius Sun/Pallas to boot.

But to answer you question, I feel out Pluto Scorpio generation isn't about control. It's about relinquishing it, especially from the grasp of those who continue to hold back millions of people for the sake of their own material growth and egocentric ideals.

I listen to radio a lot, and majority of the hosts/writers are of the Libra, Virgo, and some Leo in Pluto generation, and they constantly spit on us "Millennials" or particularly anyone born in the 80's and 90's. It pisses me off to no end. They created this slave-like, borrow til you drop society and then throw fits when we "kids" decide to kick their ideals to the curb. They created this moronic society and now we have to kick and fight and swim in this heavy muck and it's hard to believe that they cannot see past their own cocky, arrogant, vacuous mindset.

So, I feel many on my generation are about ridding of ridiculous "regimes", and setting things right for ALL to enjoy and have a slice. There's so much to be done. Everyday I think about leaving the classroom and instead of affecting the 150+ heads I see daily, to attempt to do it on a world-wide scale. I have so much energy and little time.

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I love meeting people older than me. I shock them with honesty and insight. They think I'm lucky, want to invite to dinners. I wish I had the time.

At work we do a lottery pool. People began to drop like flies after the third week because well, we didn't win. About eight of us were left. One day we won about $8 between 8 of us, so of course we roll over the money into more tickets.

I approached an older teacher before we began the day and told her about the $8 and asked if she still wanted to be in the $5 pool.

"Ok, so where's my $8?" she asked.

"No, we all won $8," I replied.

"Ok, ya, but I want my $8" she again demanded.

"I don't think you get it. WE, the 8 of us, one $8. If you want your one dollar or 85 cents, I can go break a dollar for you."

"Oh, ok. I see. Well I don't wanna play anymore."

"Sure. I'll take you off the list" I said.

"Oh no! Wait! I'll just die if you all win without me!" she begged.

Just ridiculous. And I typically told a few co-workers, who were always really nice, that even though they didn't put in the $5, that I would cut them a check anyhow if we did win.


Then I also told this to an English teacher, saying, after she decided to drop out as well, that "I'd cut you a check if we do win, no problem. It'll be so much money that I'd be happy to share."

"Well," the teacher replied, "if I win, I'm not going to give you anything."

"I'm glad to hear that. No I know where we stand."

I'm not very fond of how greedy people are. It's scary. Both teachers are born between 1952-58.

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I was born in 1954, and if I ever win (big, not $8), I'll be cutting checks for the convenience store help where I buy the ticket, my friends, my pet rescue charities, and everyone here on EE!   Those two teachers are brain dead and heart dead!

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A big theme for the Pluto in Scorpio generation seems to be the embracing of taboos... sexual taboos and cultural taboos especially, and embracing of new age concepts. I think we're the most disillusoned generation. We were raised and brought up in a world that wasn't ''safe'', but one that's been falling apart at the seams, a world of violence, societal decay, terrorism and danger (and fear-mongering) and we're not interested in buying into the lies.

I've never been into casual sex, personally, my Virgo planets couldnt go through with it, but was slightly more promiscious at one point. I see a lot of this behaviour is normalized within my generation, experimentation across the broard. Yes, that's one part of it. And needless to say, I dont relate to some of the values of my generation... but, there's potential for important transformation that can happen through and within our generation, as we'll probably play a big part of rebuilding when or if this structure collapses.

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I have that Pluto in Scorpio in my 1st house, and to me it often feels like rigidity. I am not very fluid and open in interaction with people (although the Libra ASC helps out a bit). I can be quite content to be alone, but still want others to notice me and single me out. I find it difficult to extend a hand outward.

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Though largely jobless and over-educated, living carefree on avocado toast, and debt burden, the Millennials will as a generation become the richest cohort through inheritances compared to any other generation before them.

I still think this is true, even though the stock markets are wobbling right now.

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