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Saturn square Uranus 1999

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I found this really interesting - back in '99 till about May 2000, Saturn was square Uranus, except Saturn was in Taurus, and Uranus in Aqua.

At the time, I was desperate for something new and shiny. Found an ad for the weirdest job (well, weird for Wales!), and applied. Got the job at the interview and threw myself into it, even moved over there at my boss' request. To cut a long story short, the shit hit the fan, I got stabbed in the back and ended up homeless, eventually landing back where I began.

Now this square has rolled around again, even though in reverse, I can see a lot of the same themes popping up, and I'm wondering - if the right thing last time would have been to stay put, surely this time, the right thing would be to go? Yes, but, but, says my Libra, 'if you hadn't gone through that, you wouldn't have learned certain lessons'.

Anyone else noticing this? Themes from back then replaying, but in reverse?

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Thanks for posting this - I love exploring topics like these - connecting the dots from the past and seeing patterns in their evolution really fascinates me.

I'm not sure I'm noticing any repeating cycles from 1999-2000. But I am noticing similar situations pop up that took place between 2001-2002 or 2003 -- which, coincidentally, is related to the eclipse cycle from that time. I'd have to check to see whether Saturn and Uranus were activating those eclipses as well. My guess is, they were.