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Projection: a defense mechanism used by people when they notice and magnify personal characteristics in other people that they do not like and do not acknowledge in themselves.

What really irritates you in other people?

For me it's being a show-off, telling the world you're the brightest, most beautiful, richest blabla or whatever, they drive me nuts.

How could it be differently though with my Leo MC screaming to be recognized, to be acclaimed for my many merits (LOL) if only.....if only I didn't fear (Saturn) criticism (Virgo) from friends and Group members (11th house).

What about you?

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I think I am normal..projecting a 7th house Uranus.

This is my tendency, but I'm aware of it now. I try very hard to see my own nuttiness. But default is that you are nutty and I am not! :)

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I think I have generally operated in this mode: if I give I will get. If I give understanding and love and any other resource,  I will get those things back.

It has not worked, lol.

What I should have been doing all along is deal with people whose nature is to give, regardless of what I do. I will admit it feels icky, a little bit, to approach a relationship that way. I feel in general I have been taken advantage of,  and doesn't that sound similar? I dunno.

Pisces moon (6) opp Virgo Mars (12) Libra Venus (2-values) & Pisces Saturn (7). You can see where I want fairness and seriousness,  but I end up investing in the wrong people. 

Maybe I want to benefit from relationship,  maybe that's it.

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I'm not sure what to call it but right now it's the people that don't immunize their children. That belief in "broscience" that they read somewhere on the internet. I've done it myself, not the part about immunization but health fads.

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Jupiter on my descendant in the 7th house, opposite my ascendant and Pluto in the 1st house. You're good, I'm bad. That's something that was brainwashed into me in childhood that I've had to deprogram. I still tend to see the good in people but I'm more realistic now. I've become slightly more cynical but before, even if somebody was a complete ass to me, I thought I was the problem. Low self-esteem can do that to a person I guess. I have a more balanced view now.

Oh yeah, and I had years of struggling against controlling folks... I can't stand being controlled. But wait, am I controlling too then? I still don't believe it :p

The other thing I can't stand is just plain meanness.

My Libra rising would hate to be any of those things, but again, that Pluto makes me see the dark in myself too.

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I get irritated by people crossing bonderies.


sun-saturn in libra


but sometimes I  find myself doing it too

neptune trine ascendent/venus

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