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North nodes conjunction with personal planets in synastry

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What are your thoughts about this synastry? NN and Venus conjunction ASC, Mercury and Jupiter, and another person´s NN and Venus conjunction Moon. Also there is Moon conjunction Sun, Jupiter conjunction Sun,

NNs and Venuses in each other 1st and 7th houses...

Thank you in advance

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If you read on NN contacts, especially conjunctions, you will find that the the parties involved have some very intimate and vital significance in each other's lives. How long? Who knows, but it's the content and narrative that matters.

However, the SN is opposing this, and some are stuck presently living out their SN and refuse to move towards the NN. It's really dependent upon maturity and such.

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Welcome, Truthseeker.  North node conjunctions to personal planets and widely seen to be positive. The person is supposed to lead you in the right direction.

I once attended a seminar by an astrologer who is well known for her work on the nodes.  She went as far as to say she tried to stay away from people with planets conjunct her south node.  She mentioned the sign of her nodes.

I had planned to talk to her but I had planets conjunct her south node, so I opted to spare her the interaction. Smile