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Neptune square Neptune Transit mystery…?

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Well Ive had my dreamhouse at 22 but I wasn’t ready . I felt very dependent and that I wasn’t worthy of it. My then BF earned a lot of money. I left him, I wanted to know if I could do it on my own. But quickly fell in the trap of going into another relationship. Even tho I thought I did it on my own, I still wasn’t really alone. Going too soon in another relationship. 

I don’t have kids either, I couldn’t get pregnant. But due to a horrible childhood I decided it was for the better. And I didn’t worked out my childhood trauma. When Saturn squared my moon I started therapy . Then Pluto came to square it and still does. I have let that go, the perfect picture how it’s supposed to be. I live in a 2 bedroom apartment with my bf. Not a fancy big house like I always used to want. But I’m content given the fact how the world is upside down now, high inflation. My friends that do have the big houses also have big mortgages. And they have to work their butt off to pay for it. No thank you. 

I guess your moon that loves to nurture is squaring your Pluto in Libra . All in finding the right balance. Cancer moon are vulnerable and can be sensitive and it’s ruled by the moon ( mood swings?) while Libra ( your Pluto) loves balance. I guess if you can find the middle in these? Once read that North node in Leo may fear relationships, does that sound true to you? 

My best friend was single for 12 years and now she’s married with 2 kids. So don’t give up hope yet! It’s all about the balance. When I was single and was comfortable with it and I wasn’t even thinking about relationships my now bf came along. And we’ve been together for 9 years now. I needed to sort things out and when that clutter was cleaned he came into my life. 

I can imagine that 12th Pluto was hard on you. We change and evolve over the years if we are willing tho. If we don’t learn our lessons properly it’s only harder when Planets hits our personal angles. 

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