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Neptune going into my son's second house *EEP

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I'm worried about this!   My son really gets nervous when money gets low.  There were times when he was a child I was barely eking out an existence for us as a single mom.  And there was some trauma regarding events he witnessed.  anyway it seemed well tied to the money situation.

Anyone go through a Neptune transit of the 2nd house and remained with money enough?

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It's a long transit so he'll have to get used to it. 14 years-ish.

Money flows. It comes in and goes out and you have to relax about it. There is nothing about this transit that says you won't have enough.

I have this transit right now, btw. My self-worth ebbs and flows. I can't let it disable me. 

Faith is huge.  Spiritual things / unseen have value. SOLID value.

Self esteem can be undermined but after awhile, not so much.  You realize ethereal forces are real and can be relied upon.

I think as mothers, it's just awful to see our kids go through things. I know I feel that way. But they have to develop and this is how it happens.

To answer you specific question, my transit is well underway and I have had the money I need, one way or the other, without fail. So yes. He will likely be supported even it there is no contract or guarantee. 

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Neptune is now done with my 2nd House, and my sense of self has wobbled during these years. It is my faith in a power greater than myself that gets me through the roughest times. Our lifestyle is one of living on the edge of convention: small home, on wheels, closer to 'homeless' status and misunderstood by most.

My only son is 48 yrs old, he has watched me and his step-father navigate and create ways to stay afloat with 'enough' money through innovation and making it up to survive. It's not an easy transit to live through, or watch (a child watching a parent in this case.). But it is character building for sure. Either way it's experienced.

The definition of 'support' and 'enough' money/resources is tricky. That's where God and commitment to BE resourceful plays big. We have found enough money, and/or community that share resources that are deeply meaningful and that may be one of the greatest currencies to live with and by.