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Neptune at 20 Degrees Pisces - April 22 to August 25 (18 Weeks !)

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For most of the 18 weeks Venus will be in Gemini doing her pentagram thing, and will come close to squaring off with Neptune several times (exact on May 3rd, May 20th, July 27th).

Venus (lower octave) and Neptune (higher octave).......this romance excites me!

Also, Neptune will be at 20° which is exact 2/3 of the journey through Pisces - I get the sense that it might be the beginning of "Neptune's last push in Pisces". Surely that's significant for all of us?!

Of course I would have a romantic view; n.Venus-n.Jupiter aspect.

What do you think?

Grand love or delusions of grandeur?

Where is Neptune 20° Pisces in your chart? Any interesting house, aspects or patterns?

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How strange. I just got off skype with a gal with her Venus @ 20 Pisces. She was great! Smile

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How interesting ?. Transiting Neptune is in my first house so this does increase the relevance to me. I have had it sextile to my natal Venus for some time now. I think this energy has been subtle as its not an unfamiliar/new state for me. I think my senses may have heightened a little, which has increased my pleasure from music, art and even fragrance.

I associate Neptune with romantic love; the honeymoon stage of a relationship. I remember reading about the association between tragedy and romance. For example, unrequited love may last longer because the dream of the chosen one ?is kept alive. Whereas, if they had have got involved with the person, the rose coloured glasses would begin to fade. Romantic love is so joyous, I have to wonder if some people unconsciously choose a love object out of their reach to keep the fantasy going ?

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I didn't realize Neptune was at that degree that long...and square to Venus. W/ that rx cycle, too, in the works...hmm.

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Exactly conjunct my natal Chiron.


I will either achieve complete unparalleled enlightenment, or get badly drunk and tell everyone to go to hell.


You heard it here first.

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Perfect timing for me to integrate Faith into my personal philosophy!

And get back into ART! I recently brought back a painting from the dead...and it's actually coming along...

My Asc is 20d Cancer, so Neptune will be trine my ascendant, transitioning into my 9th house, forming a T-square with my Sadge/Gemini stuff (first Saturn opposite Chiron at 19d, then Uranus opposite Mars at 25d).

I was mostly oblivious to the fact that Neptune was applying to square my Saturn, until last week when Elsa struck a chord in me with this post:

That morning I had caught myself barking at my husband for things that were 100% my own fault, scapegoating him really, and it finally hit me that I had been  disabled by fear... without knowing it at all.

I always thought it was just my 12th house Mars that was so difficult for me to work with, but upon closer reading I saw that I also had this Saturn-Neptune square happening by transit.

So I went through all the other tagged posts, and I thought "well maybe that workshop applies to me after all!" And I treated myself to Elsa's transcript of Staying Stable As Structure Dissolves!

I found it really, really helpful. Honestly I've been on fire ever since I read it. It is packed with information that helped me to decode all of my blockages that were sitting right in front of my own face, staring back at me for an embarrassingly long time.

My advantage is that I already have loads of faith on tap. I just had no idea that I could use faith as a tool! The simple act of adjusting my frame of mind has made a huge difference in pushing through daily struggles. Now it's like I don't even have to push, I can just melt through the struggles like a Pisces Mars should Smile

Oh, and my birthday also falls in that window of time, in May. I have a somewhat remarkable solar return chart this year with everything above the horizon! Neptune also falls in the 9th house of that.

PS @Osiris, What do you mean about Venus doing the Pentagram thing??? I think I am missing something. cheeky_gif

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