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I have transiting Mercury in Pisces opposing my Mercury in Virgo at 13 degrees and Neptune conjunct my Pisces moon at 22 degrees.

Mercury-related things that happened to me today:

  • I started running today. I have not run (as an exercise) in 10 years! (I bike and do calisthenics, usually)
  • I ordered some new running shoes and then realized that the ones I had were perfectly fine. I tried to cancel the order and was told NO even though it wasn't shipped yet. They are shipping this order to me via UPS. I then have to go find a printer, print out the return label, and send it right back to them. It is VERY annoying, and completely infuriating to this Virgo Mercury. What a waste of my time.
  • I got a validation code and tried to sign up for a vaccine. The appointment went through ... and then it was cancelled, because apparently I live in the wrong zip code.

What a day!

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First comment in the forum. Glad to be here! 

 I have my mercury in Gemini in the 3rd opposing my 9th house Sagittarius Neptune and Neptune trines my Ascendant Aries, Aries Mars is my chart ruler.  I feel very guided.  I’m newer to astrology.  This aspect between Neptune and mercury is usually described as deception but I’ve never understood that.  

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@leovenus Welcome! Smile

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Neptune is Pisces has been opposing my whole Virgo stellium for some years now (on the very last legs atm)...I distinctly remember that at the beginning, I felt objectively stupid. The mental fog is real.

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