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Madonna ASC debate

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The internet has always said Madonna has Virgo Rising but here in this interview, she says she has a Virgo Moon and Aquarius ASC... 

It's interesting because she talks about getting her chart read/being into astrology, so one would assume she'd likely have it right... but Pluto Rising in Virgo always made sense to me...

This article talks about how she's dated a lot of Leo men so with Aqua ASC that would make more sense... as does a Sadge MC to me, given her affinity for foreign lands & culture and how that's mixed in with her career & public life a lot over the years




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I think she would know.  What a great find!

Also, people routinely use her as an example of a famous person with a packed 12th house. NOT.

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Aquarius rising makes more sense - she doesn't have the demeanor/body language of a Virgo rising. If her moon falls in 8th (and I notice it squares to Saturn in 10th) it could link to the profound loss of her mom, which I have observed from docs, interviews, seems to have fuelled her choices and direction in life to this day. Business sense - she mentions the Virgo - 8th house, yes, but also a powerful Mars in Taurus! Also if Mercury and Pluto fall in her 8th, it kind of fits with her exploration of all that is taboo, sexuality and also the fact that she plays with that whole virgin/whore edge. Virgo energy also, especially the moon, body hyperfocus and perfectionism.