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Let's get heavy

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What in the Universe is your most pressing transit?

Or, the transit of grace & greatness happening RIGHT NOW.

Whaddya got? Explain the transit.

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Pluto conjunct my ascendant. I wouldn't know where to start. 🙁

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I like the title of this thread, 'heavy' appeals to my 1st house Pluto!

Current transit of grace and greatness? Saturn square my Sun, Aqua to Taurus. I totally underestimated the severity of this transit and did absolutely no research until recently because areas of my life are getting blocked and no degree of investment moves them forward. These are elements which I feel are essential so it's pretty terrifying and humbling.

The third and last exact hit will be around October-Nov and then early March 2023 Saturn moves on to Pisces. Until then, as I'm interpreting events, I need to only focus investing energy into the areas of life that move forward, show growth from effort, and those that don't, I surrender to God, the universe, because otherwise I'll end up with a psychic hernia lol.

@sk8samurai How about you?

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Thank you for this topic!

My response isn't so heavy. I'm loving my current transits. Saturn retrograding through my 3rd house is telling me when to put my foot in my mouth, and squaring with Uranus in my 6th. This was heavier when Saturn was direct here, but with it retrograde, I'm doing some major learning. 

I've also got some nice sextiles and trines with outer planets happening. And Saturn trine Chiron. I read that this helps with integrating awkward stuff about us and normalizing it in our day-to-day.  Quirks can be good and make us different! 

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Uranus/Mars is squaring my Moon conjunct Pluto in the 8th house. I am learning so much, I could write a book, but before I do I am going to search the forum/blog for what’s here. 

Also, Jupiter is conjunct my Mercury and my mind is going bananas. I thought I was an expert in mindfulness. Ha!Ha! I’m either seeing things from a totally new perspective or exaggerating threats and dangers. Man!

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Mars/Node/Uranus square Sun/Mars and Pluto square Rising (Aries) and Jupiter (Libra).

Major change all around and still incoming.

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