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Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto Conjunction In Capricorn Positives!

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Despite this super stuck feeling I can't shake - Jupiter and Saturn are right on my Rising opposite Jupiter - I came to realize I keep losing jobs (Cap planets in my 10th) because the workplaces and people are toxic. I'm not going to thrive, and fitting with the natures of Jupiter and Saturn, this will keep happening *until I find the right place OR if I start my own biz, doing what I'm meant to do*.

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We need more good news!

Most know this conjunction has been on my ascendant. With my back fixed, my neck is next on deck. I got an at-home traction thing and it's helped tremendously.

It's pretty clear, my spine issues are basically clear. And considering the magnitude of them, I think this is the ground for my optimism as we move ahead.

Because this stuff has really been nearly impossible for me over the last years. I never imagined it being put right but it's happened.

Mary undoer of knots

It makes me think of, Mary, undoer of knots. You have these complex problems for which no remedy exists... and then, whoosh! Mary fixes them. I have seen this over and over in the last few years.

That's when someone told about this, and gave me a bracelet. I had never heard of such a thing, prior. But this gal could see I was screwed, blued and tattooed. No one could help me and it's at this point, you're well advised to turn to unseen forces.

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"Well advised to turn to unseen forces" Love this. I think this is the positive side of the new cycle of Jupiter Saturn conjunctions in air signs. 

For me, as Cap rising, the effects were primarily physical.  The whole Saturn in Cap period was things like: after a bunch of physical issues that seemed to be genetic, contemplated some big surgeries. Doc suggested a Dna test first to be sure and shockingly I had none of the genetic markers I'd assumed I had my whole life. So no surgeries and even better, no more worry. Quit coffee and a lifetime of heart PVCs stopped. Started daily yoga and stretching practice and all kinds of other issues disappeared. Stopped coloring my hair. Found out I have osteoporosis and stepped up weights etc. Jupiter helped the bad things turn out better. And Pluto is still around so I'm not saying anything to piss him off!

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