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How to unlock the 12th house  

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I want to state one of my experiences because personally I wasn't very happy when I found out that I have about 4 planets in the 12th astrology house.

I really don't enjoy it that much, same with Saturn who opposes my planets. Yes, I know they say that everything is a gift and you can"work with it" because it teaches you something. But I think Saturn and House 12 can truly KMA.

You don't need to make your life harder than it already is, so if you can avoid Saturn and bad planet placements -DO IT.

What you can do? Move far away from your birth place. And that's interesting now because Elsa is offering Astro Cartography and this is especially amazing for the ones who feel they want to change their more challenging horoscope for the better.

Of course your natal placements will always be part of your life, but moving to another country can make so much of a difference.

My experiences with the 12th House -- you are literally invisible--

MISUNDERSTOOD. This can be good or bad (I think it's just bad), depends on what you plan to do with your life. If you want to be living on the streets or becoming a dubious underground mafia boss, it might be very supportive.

People do not see your TRUE SELF. It can be exhausting if everybody projects their shit (sorry) on you because most of the time, what they think they see, isn't very positive. But it's really their own shit and when you're very young, you can confuse it with your real self, therefore lose your own life path. Everybody is telling you that you are THEM....or their shadow side they don't want to become aware of. They focus on very superficial things and tell you, that THIS IS YOU. When you disagree, they tell you that you are lying to yourself...AAAHHH. I only realized how untrue this was when things people projected on me were completely the opposite. For example one person says you are white, the other says you're black. And if you argue with them, they call you deluded or immature or whatever. So confusing haha...until you figure things out.

You really NEED to be humble if you are locked into the 12th house or Saturn will kick your butt when he transits the planets within. You have no control over these planets and their energy, you feel it sometimes is there, but often not. That is why this Mars placement is so draining and you never know what took away your energy in the first place. But YOU tend to waste it away--mostly on other people or situations that are not worth it. But the worst is that you are not aware.

House 8 is maybe more dramatic because YOU usually project YOUR SHADOW SIDE on other people. It can also be horrifying to constantly be in your personal unaware horror house, meeting a lot of grinning monsters that are actually your own dark side. It is interesting that House 12 people tend to attract House 8 people/

So NOW--what you can do is to look up which country/city moves these 12 house energies into House1 or even better House 10 or 5, depends on what you want from life.

(But also watch the aspects of those planets. It's not great to move a hard Saturn aspect into House 2).


 I was born in Europe and  Europe is too small to make major changes in your horoscope (you sometimes really need to move far away to feel a difference).

There was hardly a place where I didn't have Neptune on my MC and these stupid House 12 energy. 

Then I was offered a job in the only place in Europe (Vienna Austria) which luckily moved nearly all my planets on my ASC/DESC.

OMG what an immense difference. It felt SO SO SO good, I still love this place because of the fantastic experiences I had there.

The major change happened when I finally moved to the United States and while some people from Europe have a lot of prejudices against the US, it was the first place in my life where I didn't feel judged, oppressed and walking in constant fog regarding my personality. (I also have to mention that I didn't feel the energy that much that much when I only traveled to those places. You need to settle down and things slowly materialize, at least for me).

Hell, I love New York. I could raise my kids there (My stellium has moved into House 4 and Jupiter/Saturn are in 10). People were so supportive and just wonderful. I love the skyscrapers, the noise, the dirt, the trash haha...I was raised surrounded by nature and lakes. I really couldn't care less about nature when a place makes me feel so settled and just AT HOME.

Later I lived in LA which moved Pluto onto my ASC/North Node on MC, my main planets moved to House 5 and 6. I never felt so inspired and creative. Not once I realized people were superficial. Europeans use to say that about the US--but even New Yorkers say it about LA.

To me European seem fake, narrow-minded and highly critical, never able to see the sun between the clouds. Well, but I know it is just my very own personal perception and not reality.

Unfortunately I had to go to London for a year (again Europe)--and the same shit. A lot of relationship trouble, misunderstandings and these foggy experiences of being invisible.

And even people who visited me from the US mentioned "You are somehow different," I felt they lost respect and took me less seriously. I still find it crazy and can't imagine a place makes so much of a difference. Is that just me?

If you never experienced this drastic change, your surrounding energy might really influence your self perception and even your confidence for the worse, so be aware how important it can be to use the energy in your horoscope the right way. Most people might not have had the opportunity to realize it. You can literally become a different person or let's state it that way--THE BEST YOU if you intentionally change your challenging placements.

You can never be your best self with the 12th house- it really is such a struggle and doesn't have to be. Everyone who has personal planets there understands what I mean. It is constant self sacrifice.

It might be ok to have one planet in 12-- but then only Saturn or Neptune (beware of Pluto).

I would suggest that the Saturn energy gets softened in 12. 

I know for many of you it might not be possible to relocate, but if you can and have very challenging house placements, I hope you do try and see how it changes you. You are not trapped within the energy you were born.

What do you think? Did you realize that some places are more powerful than others, especially regarding your House 12 planets/aspects. Were you able to unlock this House?

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Welcome to Neptune's playpen!! Smile


Just kidding. I only have Neptune in there, but it squares Venus. I feel as if I literally go through life's motions day-to-day without being fully present. It's as if a VEIL exists between me and the world. 

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I relate to quite a bit of what you wrote Isabella.

I have Venus, Mercury and South Node there.

I feel like I live in my own little bubble a lot time, just floating around... somewhere in the periphery in my and other peoples lives lol.

I'm lucky to have 4 earth planets which help ground me and bring me back down to earth otherwise I would be *so* lost.

I read that people with Venus and such planets in the 12th can suffer because they feel invisible.. but at the same time... they feel awkward and uncomfortable being visible and being the center of somebody's full attention too. I feel like that's so true for me. Sometimes I get sad if I feel invisible but then too much visibility freaks me out.

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It's so interesting to read about these experiences. I have nothing in 12 but I was still foggy about it.

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I have moon, mars and NN in the 12th. My experience isn't that people don't notice me, but they tell me to get over it. I can't divorce my mother, but...

I also do fit the profile of not fully experiencing feelings about events when they happen. It's not until I'm alone and have time to think about an event that I can truly sit down and process what happened and figure out how I feel.

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I have five planets in the twelveth, but possibly it makes a difference that my sun and moon are elsewhere.

I do understand the locked up and stigmatized feelings. I often wonder if there's something wrong with my mind (merc-sat.) But my experience in general hasn't been quite that bad, maybe because saturn doesn't oppose my 12th house planets.

The twelveth house can be a bit of a cushion. I barely even felt my Saturn return because it happened in the 12th. It's only now that Saturn is hitting my 1st that I'm starting to feel it.


I had no idea that living somewhere else could have such a huge impact.

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