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How to deal with an Aquarian whose been hurt  

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Hi all,

I hope someone can give me advice on what to do because i’m actually going crazy. 2 weeks ago got into an huge argument with my aqua man. He started saying some hurtful stuff and me being a gemini said some hurtful stuff too.
He ended up deleting me.

Ok after that I felt bad and 2 days later i sent him a short message. He read didn’t reply. Like 5 days later I tried calling him. He didn’t answer, but he did send me a message with a question mark. So i told him i want to speak with him through the phone and he said just typ what you have to say. Because u already said what u needed to.

I was even surprised he replied.

So i just apologized sincerely and just told him everything and that i shouldn’t have gone that far( i didn’t act all emotional)

He read but didn’t reply this is now like 3 days ago.

He hasn’t blocked me but has deleted my number.

I really feel horrible and I know I should give him space. But its almost going on two weeks that we haven’t had a proper conversation.

Can someone advice me on what to do? His birthday is also next week should I congratulate him or let it be?

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I don’t know. I’m an Aquarian female but there’s more than just the sun sign (as with all signs). Plus, I don’t know the background of the argument or if it’s happened often. Or if you’ve been together a long time. Or if he really considers you a girlfriend (no offense, just sometimes communication for couples can be a big issue). 

See...I have Capricorn Mercury and Venus. We need to know the status of the relationship and not have it implied. Also, Cap Mercury can throw boulders if we’ve had enough. But I don’t know if he has those placements or if he’s all Aqua, some Cap, some Pisces. I’m sorry because it sounds like you’re hurting.

As an Aquarius, he will definitely have reasons for whatever he is doing. We are a fixed and stubborn sign and will have absolute reasons, no matter how kooky they are. The reasons could change tomorrow but they’re pretty set.

If it’s been a couple of weeks now, it seems he needs to be left alone. Unless he has Pisces Venus, he’s probably not crying. 

Sorry ☹️. All relationships give both parties something to learn, though.

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I agree with Allie.

For how long have you two been together?

Is this the first fight of these proportions?

How did you usually sort things out after having an argument?

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There is nothing to be done. You have tried to contact him. You have apologised. He is not responding. 

Silence is a response. A strong one. 

Just let him be. If he wants to talk he knows the door is open. Move on.