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How negative are Saturn squares to inner planets in synastry?

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So I've been pretty lowkey about interest in anyone but lately I've found one woman who I might see something with in the future. From what I can tell the pros outweigh the cons in our synastry but there are heavy Saturn squares in it as well. I've never met someone with such a heavy concentration of fire in their natal either. Would you say the attraction/chemistry aspects would be heavier than those that might put a damper on things?

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You will encounter real limits with Saturn squares to personal planets. It's unavoidable. Thing is, it might be exactly what you need to advance in your life.

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Even though Saturn can become a wet blanket so to speak, it depends of how you see it. As a natal Capricorn with a significant Aquarian energy, I would think that you will be better equipped to face its challenges.