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Fixed stars in AstroCartoGraphy

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Hi all, if you ever dabbled with astrocartography, you already know the short-sighted advice such as:

"Move to a Sun or a Venus line. Or a Jupiter line for better luck (but keep in mind you can also gain weight here). If you want to build relationships, DC lines are best. For work on yourself AC lines are best. For career, MC. and to get you back to your roots, IC."

That's all fuzzy and good until you check the planets in the natal chart. Some say moving to a beneficial line would be bad if that planet is stressed or in its fall in your natal chart. Moreover, I've used Janus4 software and saw that it lists fixed star lines above places.

My case: Born on a supposedly beneficial Jupiter MC line, yet never getting ahead professionally. Jupiter is in my 10th house even! Turns out there's an Alphard rising line right above my birth place. So it explains the problems with women in my home city. I moved away from this star line and dated far more than here.