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Depression in astrology

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Thanks, I was looking at my partner's chart. He gets very depressed sometimes. He has Moon conjunct Saturn opposite a Venus Neptune Jupiter conjunction.

I've also had depression for most of my adult life. It lifted a few years ago.

I've Moon square Pluto, Sun square Saturn (read either Moon or Sun square Saturn or Pluto can indicate a tendency to depression). Moon in Capricorn. Moon in 12th. Mercury square Uranus (I think this can indicate an overactive mind, with racing thoughts).

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Agree with Saturn-Moon stuff. My Moon is opposite Saturn, I have moments of "average" depression (the common cold of the soul?) & sometimes prolonged moments of deep mope.

I just wanted to add placement of Mars: my Mars in Libra in 12th is forever holding back anger. That is not good for depression, in my view. Don't know how to handle frustration and it accumulates helplessness, which can make a person depressed.

Perhaps some aspects that keep Mars from positive action could have the same effect? Like Mars blocked by Saturn, or diluted by Neptune?

As for Capricorn, those I know are so tough that depression just isn't an option! And they perfectly organize and control their lives so that this can't develop. But I can't generalize from such a small sample.

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I would also like to add my confirmation of what Elsa said, Saturn on an angle.  I have Saturn/Neptune conjunct my Asc in the 12th and all square to my Cap Venus on my IC., again, more Saturn energy.  In this case, I have learned to completely appreciate the fact that Neptune is there.  My escape has been through my creativity and art work. Moving through the feelings of rejection and abandonment, my joy comes when I immerse myself in my creativity. (I make beaded sculptures, jewelry and Spirit Dolls and they are created without any plan.)  Saturn has provided some structure through all the confusion of what life has to offer me and allowing and acknowledging my Heart and creative side is the best cure for when my depression shows up.   Lots of hard lessons which I have and do accept as my path.  So be it.  I also have SAD, so when the Winter months come, I now know what to do.  Create. This is my personal depression cure and it works quite well.  And another thing I learned from this, it only took a while, when one creates from the Heart, the message comes through and this has been obvious by the attraction to my works that I receive while doing a show.  It is amazing to watch people 'get' my energy and relate to the underlying messages in my creations. I am fulfilled just by an acknowledging look or a smile and then when someone buys one of my dolls or jewelry pieces, bonus.  I know this was a long post to answer the question, hopefully it made sense.  I  appreciate mysaturnheart

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I still have suicidal tendencies and depressive symptoms, I don't have aspects between Moon-Saturn but my Pluto 8th square Moon and have also lots aspects with Chiron 4th

Early 2014 when Saturn conjunct my Pluto 8th I tried to commit suicide, fortunately one person showed up and save me

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Are you depressed?

I think the Capricorn stellium has a lot of people feeling depressed. I wonder if it has anything to do with the lack of involvement here.  It's just a theory.  Lives are just too heavy or nearly too heavy to bear.

What are your 2020 thoughts on depression?

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@elsa yes, a little bit depressed... my natal Pluto in Libra conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio on my IC and opposes my Venus. Currently, t. Pluto and Saturn in Cap are squaring said Venus. And they are sextiling my Sun and Moon in 8th. I feel strong on the work front, but down when I’m alone. I have functional depression. Simultaneously, I feel empowered, with a strong sense of self worth, so the depression is manageable most of the time. I just have bouts of deep sadness, I’ve never cried this much before. I think it’s because I never was this honest with myself before.


Anyways, someone I work with just told me this morning they are depressed and I honestly couldn’t tell.

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Sun in claustrophobia, Moon in Quarantine, and Venus in mental abuse!

Honestly, put someone in a bad situation and they start getting jumpy, cranky, gain/lose weight (depending on their genes), and lose their temper. No one is really immune to having bad symptoms, if put in a bad place enough!

But astrologically, I've noticed Saturnians having depression easily. Also, Pisceans and Neptunians. Why Neptune? Well, Neptune does rule mental hospitals and isolated spaces. Isolate someone enough, of course they'd get depressed!

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