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Composite Pluto in the 8th House

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Thanks, Piya. :)

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My boyfriend and I have it, but we have Mars and Saturn in it too. Yes, it's intense since the first day we've met. Our previous relationships were near the end, but our encounter was just the last push to end it. I tried to resist, but I just couldn't. It is passionate, it is intense, but when we go too deep, into the dark, he can't handle it too long. He will step in the dark, but that's about it, he doesn't believe in things I do, he is very practical, rational, he likes the facts. I tend to be the complete opposite. We tend to be distant from each other from time to time and in that time I doubt in us, but then again, something pulls us closer, and again, he is the only one I can see myself with tho sometimes we are the complete opposite from each other. He is possessive and jealous but not in a way that I'm used to from my previous relationships. It comes from bloody nowhere! And the reasons why is he jealous are hilarious sometimes, almost funny.  Love is never a question between us, but sometimes our strong characters are. 


I had a relationship that had a composite Pluto in 8th too. But Sun, Mercury, and Venus were in 4th. We were home to each other. The attraction was crazy, intense, and he was beyond jealous and very very possessive, controlling. 

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