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Closest Aspect

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Hi Folks,

There are some that say the closest applying aspect in a chart is a featured aspect of the chart. Do you agree? My closest aspect with just a 4 min. orb is Saturn in Aquarius (Sunsign ruler) quincunx Uanus in Virgo. I think it is a very powerful aspect in my chart....lends a forward looking detachment that my Capricorn planet chafe against. 

What is your closest aspect? Do you think it's especially powerful?

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Interesting! So I have some close aspects but they are separating. My closest aspect is Sun conjunct Moon H8, but Moon is separating. Then I have Mars in the 8th (if using Equal House System) at 13 degrees trine Uranus at 9 degrees and Jupiter at 10 degrees H4, with Mars also separating. Merc H7 square UR/JUP H4, also separating...

I guess my closest *applying* aspect is Venus H9 opposite Pluto H3, and that explains a lot 🤕. I do think this is some kind of feature in my chart, I feel it is a major part of me, pretty much the theme/driving force of my life so to speak. 

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I think I have some that apply. I have a tight Moon/Venus conjunction in my 3rd house, tight Nodal conjunction with my IC/MC axis with the nodes in my 4th and 10th houses, and Jupiter in the 8th opposing my 3rd house Sun to the exact degree. The other two aspects both have a one degree orb separating them in their conjunctions.

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I have Pluto conjuncting my Sun by 1* and they are in my 8th house. From the time I was able to talk and walk, I have been fascinated by ghosts and all things of this nature. I also have Neptune sextiling my Sun exactly and Neptune is in Scorpio on my MC. I have mystical inclinations. But back to the Pluto Sun conjunction, I love forensics and psychology. Also, I have had many brushes with death. Being Aquarius Rising, my Uranus is in my 8th too. I got electrocuted on a stove as a teen. My brother who was studying electricity in school at the time, told me that I was lucky the surge didn't hit my heart or it would have killed me. Lots of strange things happen to me and around me.