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Chiron Transiting Natal Moon

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I like to learn from others when they share their transit and natal experiences.  SO here is one of mine:

I just sat and stared at my chart for several minutes this morning and DUH finally saw that Chiron in Aries has been making a slow transit over my Moon in Aries (9th house). It was approaching (3 degrees) in March 2021 when I got deeply disturbed about the injustices someone had committed while campaigning for public office and was now continuing after having won through cheating. The lack of integrity fired me up many nights. I was losing sleep I was so disturbed. I decided to run for office and oppose the person. After signing up, I began sleeping like a baby again at night. Despite being in a challenger osition, I am at peace.  Now, a year later, the conjunction is exact. During this time of Chiron on my natal Moon in Aries

  • My Sun/Moon/Venus in Aries mother (those planets are conjunct my Moon) has had mysterious internal bleeding issues and I was even called three weeks ago and told to write her obituary. That she may die very shortly
  • People in the local political party have gone to great extent to try to force me out of the race. They do not want anyone to run but the corrupt incumbent.  bully and provoke me in local political clubs but I won't get angry and I won't do anything more than smile or politely avoid them (very Libran of me, eh?). I quit attending the clubs because I saw what they were doing and found it absurd.
  • I have faced a lot of injustice via lack of media coverage due to my opponent having control over the major newspaper here and the local smaller papers follow suit
  • Something unexpected has now forced me to be a write-in candidate. I will need to send postcards to voters and notify them. Most ballots will be done by mail.

Today is March 15. I think the cosmic whipping will now end.

  • April 1-  Chiron will be 1 degree past
  • April 15 - Chiron will be 2 degrees past
  • May 1 -  Chiron will be  degrees past
  • May 31 - June 7 (ELECTION DAY) -  Chiron will be 4 degrees past

I only need come in 2nd in this primary to be on the general election ballot in November. Mercury Rx in Taurus will be conjunct my Natal Jupiter in Taurus (10th house) at the latter half of May, stationing direct June 3. Does Mercury rule the mail? 


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Mercury does rule the mail. I'm really sorry to hear about your mother. I hope she rallies.

The rest... well you know.  It's very disappointing when you discover how crooked it is.  If I were there, I would write you in for sure!