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Chiron in the 9th House

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I have this placement natally in Cancer, which rules my 9th house. How would it play out in my life? How can I remedy it?

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Based on what I have read from you, your Chiron in Cancer has manifested as having a family member who verbally abused you, Cancer ruling family!

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I have Chiron  in Pisces  Pisces smily  9th house.  
For a long time I associated wounding with dropping out from University at 17.  Since I did get a degree In 2019, that 9 Th house being higher education seems to have worked itself out.
Considering Pisces - the undoer I also realize it represents jails.  I married a man who had spent a lot of time there, mainly because I was idealistic about Indigenous people being over represented in the System.  I wanted to learn about that - so I got married ???

now that I’ve been divorced 14 years ... hmmm you’ve got me thinking what’s the chironic lesson now?