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Black Moon Lilith

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Am I the only one who has noticed that the only people who use this celestial "thing" are those with relatively little knowledge on astrology? I myself was fascinated by Lilith for a very brief time when I first started studying astrology in depth. Once I became more learned I realized that BML does not seem to be a part of astrology that is widely accepted or utilized. Upon further research I realized that I couldn't find a "true" astrologer that accepted BML. Now I understand everything I said is based on my own subjective experiences and that there could be "true" astrologers that use BML. That's why I made this post 😀 I want to know if I'm wrong in my assumption. 


PS. ---One reason I dislike BML may be it's placement in my own chart, it's in my first house in conjunction with Pluto and my Scorpio ascendant. From what little information I could find, this is a particularly negative position xD

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I don't like using anything beyond the North and South Nodes. It gets over complicated and just too cluttered.

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A calculated point is a blind apogee spot for a supposed non-existant hypothetical moon, too incredulous for me, not astrology, not that old. I question everything I study and want to know why something is what it is and if it doesn't make sense to me I don't use it. What others do is their own business. There is lots of sunshiney stuff out there, everyone's free to study and choose what they will, or just use it for the entertainment, but everything is not astrology. It's good to question things.


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I do consider Laura Walker of Oracle report a legitimate astrologer who uses the Black moon a whole lot.

However, I did not know Lilith was an obscure calculation and not a legitimate point. It's the farthest point in a moons orbit.

I read Liz Greene saying that she did not like using points that aren't physically there. But at the same time, if we are not going to use invisible things, also based on the moon, are we not going to use the nodes?

In nasty porn films I can specifically show how Black Moon Lilith shows exactly what that scene is about, behaviour of the actress in scene.

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BML seems a little bit too gothic to me, more like fairy tales than astrology, though some people consider astrology itself as pure fiction... so, all is relative.

Maybe it suits romantics?

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Black Moon Lilith...... devil



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