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Balance Between Give & Take

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I give way more than I get and I don't care.  I have a lot of Jupiter-ness and I'm supposed to this as well as sacrifice and serve.

I DO get though and this is another reason to give. 

Years ago I realized that people who give always seemed to have something to give. People who do not give are bereft.

My opinion, obviously, but this is what I think and it's not wavy. The theory is 25 years old.

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i do give alot, even to people who i'll probably never see again. I've given away material things to those in need, and even food to the homeless. And although i have cap/aquairus in my chart that would explain the cheapness, the cheapness is usually on myself. I dont allow myself nice things, unless my mother or sisters give me something very nice. And my husband just lets me have whatever i want but i dont take too much because hes' the breadwinner and that was our plan from the beginning that he would earn always more than me. His family didnt trust in him that he could hold a family. always worried about today's society where 2 full time incomes are necessary. it is usually yes. but we keep low key in buying and spending and dont ask for much but we are both givers though. and too trusting; as he realized that too late with some people.

and giving alot to others, does make a person happier and less bereft in life.

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