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A question about mutual receptions

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Hi all!

I noticed that I tend to pepper my everyday convos with puns intentional or unintentional, to the point that it has become a characteristic of mine (this is even more apparent in my native language, but I have no trouble doing so in English), so I decided to check my Mercury (slowly but steadily I am overcoming my stuttering, which is aided and abetted by my Mercury opposition Saturn). I noticed that, even though there is no aspect, Mercury in Cancer and Jupiter in Gemini seem to "blend together". Since Cancer is the sign of exaltation of Jupiter, but not its natural habitat, and there is no aspect between Mercury and Jupiter, is there any mutual reception between them?

Since visuals seem to help, I am posting my chart. Thank you!

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Posted by: @canscocappy

I noticed that I tend to pepper my everyday convos with puns

This seems textbook for Jupiter in Gemini.  Your analysis seems on but no, there is not a mutual reception.

Jupiter in Gem would be in mr to Mercury in Sagittarious.
Mercury in Cancer would be in mr to the moon in Gemini or Virgo.

I also want to add, your writing on screen, pops.

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@elsa Thank you so much, not only for the knowledge, but also for the compliment! ? Greek is my native language, but English is my favorite one to write on. In fact, the magic of English language is that you may only need one word to depict an emotion, while in Greek it takes a whole sentence!