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2021 Presidential Inauguration Chart

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2021 Inauguration astrology chart

This is a noon chart for the 2021 inauguration. What do you see?

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Packed 9th and 12th houses, lots of squares between Taurus (plus 29 Aries Moon phew) and Aquarius planets. Kinda tense. Stubborn signs in the houses of spirituality and faith?

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A few weeks ago I was looking at transits for January, moving forward one day at a time, until I came to this date. It took my breath away. My very first impression was that it's an evil chart. It immediately reminded me of some innocent under the power and control of a psychopath. The violence, the abuse, the coercion, the gaslighting. This is probably more a psychic reaction. Oddly, I didn't realise that this was the date of the inauguration (I got muddled up and thought it was the 12th).

The Sun is at exactly 0 Aquarius, conjunct Jupiter and Saturn in 10th H Aquarius, also conjunct 9th H Pluto in Capricorn. I can't think of a better description of the shadowy folk known as the nwo. These planets in turn square the Moon (the people), sitting uneasily in Aries, in the 12th House - fear, oppression, imprisonment. The Moon conjuncts Mars and Uranus in 11th H Taurus. Mars in the 12th suggests a draining of energy or resources - in Taurus, together with Uranus, it suggests to me a sudden attack on the sources of security and strength for the people (be it family, employment, communication or sustenance) orchestrated by veiled puppetmasters. The initial attack heralds what becomes a prolonged sucking away of this lifeblood - Lilith sitting right on the Asc (if noon is the time of the inauguration). There is a strong underworld feel to this - almost vampiric. Mercury and Chiron - the two healers - sit alone, unaspected, abandoned - possible cutting off access to healthcare? Only Neptune and Venus - love and spirituality - offer some respite - this is what the people crave - but Venus is in Capricorn, starved of tenderness, and Neptune, though powerful in Neptune, sits alone, abandoned in the 11th.

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The speech might be centered on inspiring a way forward and how to makes changes in 2021 (Saturn-Uranus Square)...

As preparation for a Pisces theme that starts in 2022 when Jupiter-Neptune conjunct, followed by Saturn ingress Pisces in 2023.

Also, 2022-2023 is when the US has it's exact degree Pluto Return.

So, those who were talking about the changing of the guard with the Great Conjunction, I think the inauguration will contain much hidden truth (9th/12 houses) that points to the direction of a future change in guard in 2023-2024; Pluto will be at 0* Aquarius (same degree as the Great Conjunction). In my US chart, the US will be having a Progressed New Moon in Pisces around the same time.

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I want to add to this and say that in the decades post 2024 this Pisces/Neptune theme will eventually get ahead of itself – the negative manifestations of Neptunian energy on a collective level. That is when another significant correction will likely come with the next Saturn-Pluto Conjunction at 14* Pisces in 2053.

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That is a truly awful chart. It looks violent to me at worst and hostile at best. I don't like the Moon/Mars/Uranus in the 12th house of hidden enemies or that it's square Sun/Saturn/Jupiter in the 9th house which rules law (especially the Supreme Court), philosophy, religion and foreigners. Jupiter is in its natural house, which is a positive. Pluto conjunct MC and the Sun/Saturn is very heavy-handed.

Its not surprising to me that the chart looks this way.  No matter who wins the election, one side will be very unhappy.

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I don't really know what it means but the overall impression l get is that for the collective, it looks like the dark night of the soul. More personally it looks like the chart of an inmate in prison.

However dire that may sound, it is the chart of just one day and it is not fixed upon us to remain under this energy. We are evolving and transmitting through all of this through time.

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