Your Feelings About Technology Under The New Moon (Eclipse) in Aquarius

I’m sorry I’ve been scarce over the last few days. I am working with this new moon! It’s all about detaching and thinking independently.

Aquarius is associated with technology. People are thinking about the how Facebook, Alexa, twitter and all the various tracking that goes on might affect their lives. Zuckerberg himself is grappling with this.

Some have opted to leave Facebook for Instagram, only to realize the utility is Facebook-owned. Facebook also recommends you protect yourself from tracking by downloading an app which they own – Onavo Protect.  Brilliant!

Of course there’s all the censorship going on. I started (seriously) warning about this in 2016:

Keeping Power & Control Of Your Business
Big Business Tightens The Screws

Personally, I’ve maintained space all along.  I appreciate being able to email someone when I am away from home but I don’t need GPS. Like most arenas in life, I stay on the periphery of things like this, but yesterday I had an epiphany.

You’ll want to watch for a “eureka moment” of your own. This is textbook astrology at this time (Mercury in Aquarius).  But in my case… I gave up on Google news seven or eight years ago. I wrote about this back then. I just thought it was making me stupid. But now Isee how pervasive this has become.

Every day we’re thrown some chum.  If you’ve ever been on a fishing boat, you know what this looks like.  Chopped up hunks of fish are tossed into the water.  Almost immediately, the fish in the water gather for a feeding frenzy.

I am sick of waking up to go online and see what I’m to be talking and thinking about each day. It’s as if there is a list of “talking points” released each day. These are the items we’re to cut and paste and talk about all day.  I don’t to join the drone Army! Never mind having my every move recorded to be diddled.

Here are more details on this eclipse:

New Moon (Solar Eclipse) In Aquarius: February 15, 2018 – Effects By House

I’ve had it. I am determined to liberate my intellect at this point.

What are your feelings, heading into the new moon in Aquarius?

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Your Feelings About Technology Under The New Moon (Eclipse) in Aquarius — 18 Comments

  1. I am in demand but unavailable – by choice as well as circumstance as my responsibilities allow me more time to be available I am subtely aware of how peoplea re trying to maneover me onto their side, their goals, their direction. I’m having none of it, I am too aware and have a trong uranus (conjunct jupiter and pluto square sun) / aquarius (MC and venus in tenth as well as mutual reception – uranus – Libra / venus – aquarius. I have mars in Libra and have always been in situations between hammer and nail, tact, diplomacy and passive fighting for my freedom are all in on it. I simply can not be manipulated and glide along with it, this sclipse highlights this tension and is pusing my to find solutions that are balanced and allow me to be me, true to myself and my path (aries moon / saturn in 12th)the energy is itsy but buzzing with possibility. with on my sun I feel grounded and able to manage this energy so that the pushers and shovers stay well over there. Happy Valentine’s day to all, may you always do what you love and be with those you love.

  2. Sorry – wanted to write – transiting Saturn on sun great for grounding and focusing and keeping those pushers and shovers at bay, at a safe distance.

  3. Thank you it is what’s happening. The stuff being put out was not to long ago just found at the grocery store, blatant media enticing gossip. To think I have sunk so low to begin my day with this stuff is a nightmare of epic proportions. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. The thing that pisses me off most about this tracking stuff, is they don’t admit they’re doing it for their own corporate interests. They act like they’re doing you a favor.

    Anyway, I agree with this post. I’m sick of being told how to think.

    According to the news, I’m supposed to be interested in the constant soap opera occurring in the White House, but I’m just not.

    I’m also tired of memes, opinion pieces, propaganda journalism. I’m tired of people exploiting weak spots in the human psyche to get clicks (e.g. “You’ve been doing this wrong your whole life,” etc.). There’s really a lot you have to tune out, to avoid drone-hood, and I wish more people would.

  5. Elsa, you have been writing about the importance of “minding” (caretaking, maintaining) our own minds, all along. Thanks to you, we know (Mercury) the under-appreciated importance of Mercury, in any kind of chart – in every kind of relationship. This is one of your many contributions to the annals (historical record – I had to look up the meaning of that word, annals, that popped to my mind) of astrology. Global encyclopedia, is what I meant.

    Your writings about Saturn, and Uranus, especially the myriad ways they can play out in relationships, are another groundbreaking (Pluto in Cap word) contribution to the world wide library of astrology. Amidst so many cookbooks. 😉

  6. My opinion is that all of these major social media sites, none of which actually make money (clicks from bots don’t count), will fall on very hard times when the current financial Ponzi collapses.But at the present time, if you have a job you can be fired from, treat them with extreme caution…

  7. The New Moon is in my 8th, and I’ve been reading Planet Aspects, an astrological guide to Managing Your T-Square, so that’s a nice fit, working towards liberation from my own pathology 🙂 (for both myself & those I share my life with) I like it, it feels good at this time to be doing so. All the Pisces energy coming in will trine my chart in such a dreamy way, so there’s always that to look forward to.

    As for the news & media, we don’t watch it/read it/listen to it and have not for a very long time. For one thing, I just can’t take all the negativity. Two, I don’t like being told what to do/think/be/feel. My Mom thinks I’m crazy, she’s always saying ‘how can you live without watching the news’, and I tell her I’m living quite happily, thank you. In return, I ask her how she can watch so many lies and bs all day? She replies, it’s better than not knowing. WHAT?!?!??!? I’m just not sure about that, is it better to watch the lies/bs or to live without it? I’m on the side of live without it, it’s too draining, my Mom is the opposite.

    • “Working toward libetation from my pathology…” Thank you for that pearl, music4am.

      By the way, I mostly agree with you, re The News, but I check it sometimes, to know what’s being said. My son, when he was little, once said, “Shh, Grandma is listening to the bad news.” 🙂

      • You’re welcome Poppy, I hope it helps, but those where Elsa’s words from the blog on ideas to look at with the new moon in my 8th house. As usual, she’s spot on, so a great big heartfelt, Thank You Elsa!

        I love that, the “bad news”, that’s great 🙂 🙂 :)!

  8. The Aquarian energy:
    Today I got an idea for teaching the Table of Elements so that high school chemistry might be more entertaining. It’s going to take some work to develop. Then I realized this idea had a precedent. In high school a friend and I collaborated on about eight cartoon strips involving chemistry. The school secretary liked them so much she kept two and claimed I had not given her any more than what she gave back. You know you’re successful when someone steals something you made. (Irony face here.) But after so much focus on the practical it brightens my heart to have this inspiration.

    News and the desire for truth and perspective:
    One of my sisters is so fluent in German she reads German newspapers online. That gives her perspective on the US from other viewpoints. The Scotsman is a nice news source in English if anyone is interested in doing this. Maybe some of the non-US participants could make suggestions on the best newspapers in their countries.

    Our local newspaper was thick and comprehensive 25 years ago. At least they have online offerings now as well as a thin print edition.

  9. Wow, the timing of this is significant as to be synchronous. I had some kind of similar insight a little while ago. The result of which is I won’t use facebook anymore. I see it as an insidious social experiment, a permutative brain wash, with hidden agendas. I found I was being censored to a ridiculous degree, and all I was posting was material about forth coming art exhibitions etc.
    I also find garnering ‘likes’ an abhorrent activity. So I have focused on my website, where I have complete freedom.
    Here’s to independent thinkers everywhere.

  10. Aquarius rising here. I use private screen on my computer and take out cookies very regularly. I don’t do any quiz things on Facebook so they can’t tap into my details. I’ve never used PayPal since I noticed so many phishing emails after use.
    UK born and raised, I always read the quality UK newspapers to get the scoop on what’s really happening here! The Independent and the Guardian are the ones I read back there decades ago. I also look at the BBC website. Lived in Scotland for many years. The Scotsman is too conservative for me but it’s quality journalism.

  11. Ditto.

    When things don’t add up and someone is trying to tell me that they have the data to back up the “fact” that black is white and white is black, and it’s drummed into my head day in day out, six ways from Sunday on every possible genre….well you can just go shove it.

  12. I think that it’s weird if you live by any sort of router or use WiFi, somebody’s porn is flying in the waves of the air right by your face.

  13. I’m surprised Elsa was the only one to spot this theme playing out of the Aquarius eclipse. – It was amongst my new year resolutions to limit my virtual online life in 2018. Almost breathless, I saw my facebook disappearing, yes I deleted that thing that consumed my energy and triggered my self doubt for 7 years or so. Same with Insta. Same with twitter. I miss none. I kept few blogs I like to read on my reading list on Blogger and that’s it. I use gmail and almost all g***l products for work. Yesterday, upon waking up, I signed it to check my email. As per usual, skype auto-signed in. BUT. All of the sudden, they decided to ask for my birthday (I’m sure they ask for it when you register anyway). Half jokingly’cause I don’t like sharing my birh day, half still being no so awaken from sleep, I put 2004 instead of 1974. They blocked me. They require parents approval blah blah blah, credit card number, or id etc. One thing led to another, I ended up signing for a microsoft account (what the hell) and having a new skype account automatically. The other day, fb asked me for a face photograph (on an account i use for work, have no friend, no activity other that some admin work on the company’s page who are actually their customers as they pay for adverts). I sent the photo. I still regret it. They didn’t respond for days. I sent them a request to re open my account as I’m admin to a page and I need to get back to work. They gave me back access to the profile, without a word, just by sending me a link to the paid services for the company I work for. The day we are going to be asked for a fresh profile photograph in order to sign up is not far. And anyone who knows about face recognition technology wouldn’t be happy to provide one.

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