Wrapping Up Loose Ends Before Jupiter Leaves Scorpio

bitterI’ve been on a mad dash to wrap up as much as I can before Jupiter leaves Scorpio.  I see this as a time to gather all the trash; set it out at the curb for the trash man.

I’ve suffered some losses with Jupiter in Scorpio. Had to swallow a few bitter pills, I guess you could say. But I’m really looking forward to Jupiter in Sagittarius. I want to make the most of it.

I’ve settled the website for the most part. The calendar came undone a week ago. I’ve got that fixed.

Unfortunately, I am going to have to pay for the forum on a yearly basis from now on. I thought I owned it (and the plugins I use). If I did, I don’t anymore. This is going to be an added cost.

It also appears, the medical insurance premium my husband and I pay will be increasing by nearly 50%. It’s a shock but we’re just going to have to cover it.

I am hoping to cover it by cutting costs (Saturn in Capricorn) and increasing sales (Jupiter in Sagittarius).  If you can help me any way, please do.


Please link the site when you have the chance.  This helps!

More and more, sites like mine are charging subscriptions in one way or the other.  I’ve been blogging for nearly twenty years. I’ve always wanted the site (and my newsletter) to be freely accessible. This has not changed but if there a way you can pitch in, please do.

Right now it’s important to gather the trash in your life and set it outside.  We’ve got just one more day before Jupiter hits Sagittarius and we begin a new story and cycle of luck!  You really don’t want to be weighed down, if you can help it,


Wrapping Up Loose Ends Before Jupiter Leaves Scorpio — 14 Comments

    • You bring up a good retrospective time for me, annonymous. The last time Jupiter left Sag at the end of 2007 my world was coming completely undone. The undoing and the thrash being brought to the curb Elsa’s talking about is actually some of the best possible use of all those lessons. Hard reality, making peace with life and death kind of things.

      And to Elsa: yes! to supporting your ongoing daily service. A check’s in the mail. What you and Satori provide is inimitable; and a role model worth paying for. Thanks for all of it, Elsa.

      • P.S. I love your approach to paying for the reality of keeping ElsaElsa going, “cut costs”(Saturn in Capricorn) and “increase sales” (Jupiter in Sag comes soon!) I intend to make that New Moon Intention as well with this New Moon in Scorpio.

        • I am Scorpio, very Fixed in many ways,but with Jupiter and Venus natally in Sag (11th House) and in 2007 I was having my 2nd Saturn Return. I had so much more to learn. Eleven years later, I’m alive to keep telling the tales.

        • I’m a Sagittarius and 2007 was a rotten year for me. I went through a painful company merger after my company was acquired. It was not pretty and just grueling. I had Saturn square my Scorpio planets and Pluto was approaching an opposition to my MC though, so I’m hoping this transit will be a little easier than the last one.

  1. I for one would pay to subscribe to your site… mainly for Satori’s weekly and weekend forecasts. I find them invaluable. Just FYI.

  2. In 2007, Tr Jupiter was in my natal 10 and went exactly retrograde over my natal Saturn for seven weeks. My marriage publicly (10H) derailed (Saturn) at that time.

  3. In 2007 I was writing my master thesis at Univeristy about the online world Second Life. At that time it was a huge buzz, a place where lots of people was meeting online for grouping for a common cause, no matter the goal you can say… As this place is probably only swimming with games and virtual porn these days.
    Fits rather nicely with Jupiter in Sag. Traveling can also be virtual 😉

    I used the last day of Jupiter to go to a hypno therapist to get rid of all my emotional junk during the past years – it somehow worked, although my job still makes me sleepless. But I managed to set a lot of other stuff free as well. I think I made it!
    Now, where do one go to find good sleep… hm…

  4. Got it done yesterday! Everything in the house that needed to go to the dump or Goodwill, went! Now I just have to deal with some carpenter beetles and dry rot, but next week! Also looking to Jupiter is Sag. I have Saturn in Sag and I need a dose of super optimism right now.

    @Elsa, sounds like you have been inundated with unexpected costs and mishaps on the site. I hope you see things turn around for the better when Jupiter goes into Sag! : ) xo

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