Intro to Chart Reading – Beginners Workshop Series

Satori and I are starting another class in the Colosseum. That’s the private message board that we use for workshops, special events and such.

This one is going to be a 3 month extravaganza of chart reading as each chart is treated as a performance piece with the owner as the star. Chart submission is voluntary but totally worth it.

You not only get a reading from one of us, but the chart will be open to members of the class for comments. In the end you get a full spectrum of readings from multiple perspectives. Plus you get to give your opinions of other charts in the class as well.

Just so we’re all on our game, I’m posting a Review of our Intro to Chart Reading Workshop. This will give you an idea of what we like to do while you brush up on your skills.

1. The Sun

2. The Moon.

3. The Ascendant.

4. Elements.

5. Qualities (or Modes)

6. Degrees.

7. Aspects.

8. Aspects continued – Sun meets moon.

9. Rising Planets.

10. Putting it all Together.

Interested in submitting your chart for this class? Click here.
Want join the class but just watch? That’s ok too. Click here.


Intro to Chart Reading – Beginners Workshop Series — 5 Comments

  1. Yes, this was a workshop that Satori, Dixie and I put together about 4 months ago.

    We had a lot of fun. They are all still open to comments, so dig in and enjoy.

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