Winning Under The Eclipse In Taurus

Hey! Take a lesson from Zoomers – Never say die!

Scorpio Eclipse – Under Pressure.
How Will The Eclipse Affect Me?
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Winning Under The Eclipse In Taurus — 13 Comments

  1. I don’t want to be stressed. I don’t even want to think about being stressed. It’s tiresome.

    The eclipse is on my Jupiter in the 9H. All the Scorpio stuff is in my 3H, and Saturn is in my 6H. I’ve got stuff to do, stuff I’m always working towards, so that’s that.

  2. You’re great Elsa, I love your straight to the heart of the matter approach and I know you really care about helping us. I have pluto transiting natal mars in Libra (6th house) and Saturn is sitting on my Aquarian venus in ninth house. My husband suddenly developed cardiac problems and is currently in hospital and has had just had a procedure this morning. I’m holding the fort and trying to help him out. I’m a Cappy sun with Taurus ascendant and he’s a double Aries. His mars is Taurus 17 (eclipse degree!)so conjunct Uranus right now – nice flashy surprise! But I get where you’re coming from Elsa by focusing on the planetary assistance that’s available . I’m using the scorp energy to get us through this, pluto is about healing and what’s under the surface (blocked artery diagnosed and mediaclly worked upon) and using the Saturn aid by putting a longer term plan into action – downsizing to a smaller home that’s more funcitonal, health plan and financial shoring up. I feel I’m skating on thin ice right now, but I’m not giving in or up. (Taurus horns) Thanks for all you do Elsa, I really appreciate your work.

  3. Fab summary, Elsa, straight to the point. Thank God for the handle, and you for reminding me it’s there! There can’t be a much more reliable handle than a Saturn in Aquarius one, but I’d been blocking it out. Ha! This offers hope, and that’s brilliant. I’m out to grab that bucket now; it’s a solution, and I’m forewarned! Brilliant! Thank you 😊

  4. Thank you Elsa. I really appreciate you going on camera to do these posts! It is sooooo helpful the way you distil everything and clarify how to handle the energies, especially now with so much chaos and confusion to navigate through.

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