Who Is To Blame For The Cloud Of Love And Hate?

Conny writes on Venus Neptune Veil Drop:

“I always wondered where the veil lays, if it covers the people with Venus Neptune or the eyes of those who look at them… and I tend to think that it covers the eyes, because when it drops, it drops in front of their noses and not at your feet. What do you think?”

Conny, I really couldn’t say but I am sure of this much: I don’t have immunity to this.

I co-create the situation some of the time. I ignore signs or I may even see them and act like I don’t see them… in effect letting the song play.

I am sometimes surprised but not all that frequently because there is tremendous sensitivity. It’s like I know you are going to dump me before you know you are going to dump me, hence the saying behind the scenes, “Let’s fast forward to the part where you hate me.”

The things is, this expectation may also be responsible for bringing about the rejection because the fact this happens and happens and happens and happens does have an effect.

You say you like me and I don’t believe you. I really don’t. I am pretty sure you like my hologram which is fine with me because there is nothing else to like when that is all you can see.

What is even more interesting is when you tell me you hate me, I don’t believe that either. I mentioned this post to satori tonight on the way to see Vid’s Christmas concert.

“The hate people have for me is like a cloud. It’s there and then gone. Have you ever looked up at the sky and tried to see yesterday’s cloud? You can’t. The thing is gone, that’s why.”

For the record people do become real to me but it takes years and they have to have survived a true encounter with me. Me, not my hologram which means I may be in a black mood for example, or mad as fuck.

These things are part of my nature and personality and it is a labor to hold a veil up that lets you imagine otherwise. It’s like asking a Scorpio to tone it down or telling a Gemini to shut up. Why would they do that? Why should they do that?


Who Is To Blame For The Cloud Of Love And Hate? — 7 Comments

  1. I forgot to make an important point here. It is possible for me to forget to not believe you like and to instead believe you do like me, then when you turn – whoosh!

  2. You mean your hologram, right? I think that’s floating in the sky among the clouds… I also think Neptune confers an immunity, because what we don’t believe can’t hit our core. Even if there is a sensitivity, you know clouds of love and hate are gone with the wind… Because it’s not true love – and true hate doesn’t exist.

  3. Y’all know I have moon/neptune and I just went through this with a very close friend of mine. She suddenly saw me: big surprise. But you know, she is a scorp. moon and all in, for thick or thin.

    What tripped the wire was I got mad. Well and truly mad which doesn’t happen very often, she had known me for 4 years and never seen it. When I’m mad like this it is a sudden and serious fire and it can burn for a couple weeks.
    (Leo mars/merc.trine uranus)

    I just keep doing everything I have to do. Plenty of control but just outrageously pissed off.

    It is taking some adjusting on her part to incorporate who I really am, but she values our friendship and is willing to do the work. As she said tonight, she’s my friend for life. I’m glad I picked her, I ‘ll be her friend for life too.

    I want to add on the note of being friends and caring about people. I offered her my trust and deep friendship and was rewarded by hers in return. If you love someone show them!

    Elsa your posts are very often eerily apropos



  4. i’ve ignored the obvious at times, too. and looked back and wondered why i (subconsciously?/deliberately) tried to pretend that what was staring me in the face wasn’t really there…

  5. the co-create part…
    it’s hard to say I think sometimes as you say, I ‘let the song play’ sometimes I make a big effort to say ‘Hey over here!’ but they never believe me anyway.


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