Where You Wind Up In Life

Last night I was zoned out watching a movie, even though the film was compelling. I was thinking about the recent conversations on this blog and elsewhere. I realized in a flash, that I have wound up exactly where I belong in this life.ย  I can make sense of all of it.

I felt relieved when this knowledge and these feelings came to me. If you are an old-timer, you may recall how I used to write in my stories about how pissed off I was to be in these various B-movies. I was just not where I belonged, in my opinion but as it turns out there has been a grand design all along.

I feel like the little boy in Cinema Paradiso, in the last scene of the movie (original 1989 version) and it’s just overwhelming.

I wonder if everyone winds up where they go, eventually.

Do they?



Where You Wind Up In Life — 25 Comments

  1. I feel relieved for you! I’m not sure I grok your last question, though. I believe I’m going to end up where I’m intended to be–that is the sentiment I feel when I read this post. However I’m not sure if that’s what you’re asking (about where people end up).

  2. I just wonder if other people have this sense. I mean, I know I go with my husband but last night, I could see the scope of it. Why I have the kids I have, the job I have, my beliefs… just everything absolutely everything seemed right even though my conditions are sort of horrible.

    It’s quite a thing to be in a bad place and realize you belong there. I don’t know if other people have a sense like this or not – I’m curious.

  3. I think that would be a very wonderful feeling. I do truly hope that we all end up where we belong and have the grace/wisdom to see that place in it’s best light. I remember feeling that same kind of anger (that you wrote about, from feeling like you’re not in the right place) in college and I just didn’t know what to do with it. I think I’m still working at where I belong,

  4. See, Angie, I don’t think I got to where I belong by making some kind of effort. I feel I was taken here which is why it stunned me the way it did. It’s like a surprise plot twist… like the movie if you’ve seen it.

  5. I have some things in my chart that says I am going to be involved in the beauty industry, ugh! can’t the stars pick something else I am sick of doing other peoples hair!

  6. yes. i hear you. and yes. i know that feeling. but i’m not quite there yet. if that makes sense. what i mean is – the trip to there isn’t over. but i’m not surprised by where i am.

  7. “Itโ€™s quite a thing to be in a bad place and realize you belong there.”

    Honestly, I have never know any other way. I have always felt, I belong where I am. Chart ruler Jupiter in Gemini/6th opposing Neptune, maybe. (Mercury/Neptune exchange).
    I am confused by a lot of things (ha ha, gross understatement), but not my feeling of my place in the world.

    This is definitely something that I gleaned from my religious education as a child (raised in a religious home) and while the external belief script may be different, the inner one is the same.

  8. I hope so, because I have felt like I’m in the wrong movie for a couple of years now. And despite my efforts, haven’t been able to work it out properly.

  9. Yes. For many years I wondered “why” about my life. Ultimately, when some crunches came in life, I was exactly where I should have been. And it’s turned out the right thing.

    I’m grateful to the jerks, good people, happy times, missteps, struggles, sad events, tramautic events, all of it – put me right where I am and gave me the skills needed to be here. Without those skills, I wouldn’t have opportunities I have now or abilities I have now. And if I tried to meet those opportunities I would fail miserably if not for those experiences.

  10. I just wish I had some old man pushing me to leave persue my passion and NEVER return…. Or just a pushy stage mom! Lol

  11. Up intil now, I’ve mostly had feelings of knowing I did not belong where I was. I always had the feeling I should be somewhere else, but where, I do not know.

    Having finally moved three months ago, I feel like I do belong here for now, but this house is only temporary. I think the next place I end up is going to be the place where I truly feel like I belong. My daughter feels the same way.

    Also, aside from my one Grandmother, my children are the only people on this Earth that I actually felt I belonged with. I know that feeling.

  12. I agree with Elsa,and having consulted with the eminent astrologer Jeremy Neal,I finally accept that, in this life, you end up exactly where you were meant to be. Although, I personally find the journey very hard and having finally accepted this, still wish this were not the case!
    love from Frog

  13. I got this sense in a giant way a couple weeks ago – things I have done in the past/people I met / things that I really studied and worked at are coming around from a different angle & it seems pretty much like destiny for everything to come together like this.

    Like there really is a pattern in the chaotic universe after all. Weird.

  14. I hope to have it again (I’ve felt that way before), and I’m trying to focus on the good right now, knowing that I’ll be crushed when it’s gone.

  15. “I donโ€™t know if other people have a sense like this or not โ€“ Iโ€™m curious.”

    I’ve had flashes of this sometimes and it’s glorious when it happens. Divine in the most literal sense of the word, even when where you are right then is shitty.

    But it’s not something I can hold onto, even when I know I’m where I’m supposed to be. It’s like looking at the sun or something. Blink, or go blind.

    Not sure if this is helpful or not, but it’s what I thought of. *smiles*

  16. Hi Elsa,

    In my case, I wound up where I was when I was young.

    As the youngest and only girl in our family (my two parents and 3 brother), I was the one assigned to do the house chores, from cleaning up after my mom cooks to taking care of my brothers’ needs.

    As a teen-ager, I tried to evade these duties by excelling in school, falling in love, etc. My parents just would not let me go. At first, I examined my thoughts if this is really true. And it is, too.

    After almost twenty years in a small town corporate world, I am back to where I was before: washing pots and pans and dishes as my octogenarian mom jolly cooks with all her remaining might.

    I find it funny now and just enjoy the now.


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