What’s So Wrong with Loving Yourself?

Golden retriever


Mars and Mercury have entered Leo, kicking off what promises to be a stellar Leo season. I, for one, am feeling GOOD. Having both those planets in Leo natally, I have spent the day smiling and preening and basking in my Leo glory.

I know, I know. Isn’t that laying it on a bit thick? You can like yourself, sure, but do you have to be so loud about it? Yes! Yes I do, and what’s more, there’s nothing wrong with it.

Recently there was a social media kerfuffle between Piers Morgan and Megan Rapinoe, co-captain of the US Women’s Soccer team, in which he tweeted a picture of her arms splayed wide in a victory stance and snarkily said “Ms. Rapinoe sure does love herself.” Regardless of how you feel about either of them, I think this illustrates something about our culture. We’re supposed to love ourselves, but not too much, and not too obviously. Otherwise we are perceived as arrogant, self-absorbed, or unapproachable.

Well, screeeeew that. Loving yourself doesn’t mean that you can’t love others just as much. The heart is big enough to hold it all! For instance, today I messaged a friend just to tell her how good I looked. “I am in a flowy hippie dress, my curls are cascading down my shoulders, and my eyebrows are on point. You are missing out. I am a VISION.” Taken on its own, maybe that’s a little much. But just yesterday I was showering her with compliments, telling her that if she got any cuter with would create a critical mass and the universe would blink out of existence from the sheer force of her cuteness.

Because that’s Leo’s heart. It is just SO FULL that it rains down on everyone around them, including themselves. I call mine a big dumb Golden Retriever heart. I basically run up to everyone I know, tail wagging, thinking, “YES YOU ARE AWESOME AND I AM AWESOME AND TODAY IS THE GREATEST LET’S PLAY.”

And it is a great thing! The world could always use more love, and we could all stand to direct a little more of it toward ourselves. People need to SHINE! And Leos lead the way.

What’s your favorite thing about yourself? Tell us how great you are!

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What’s So Wrong with Loving Yourself? — 19 Comments

  1. This made me smile a bit. 🙂 I am feeling like a grinch today. I wish I knew you in person (or had my other Leo friends around) to cheer me up. Your friends are lucky to have your sunny self in their lives. 🙂

  2. Aawww…not many people get Leo energy but you obviously do. Even though I’m a Cancer Sun, I am expecting an eventful month with a stellium in Leo (Merc on MC, Moon, Venus Saturn) in 10th. ?

  3. Well ,my mom was a Leo and she loved everyone genuinely,she had a power to love.I am happiest when I don’t need others approval.I approve of me
    I am at this age still learning not to be fearful, it’s this little bug that bites
    I smile even when I am alone, I do love what time offers .I am considering
    Not going back to my fall and winter job;partially brave thinking?
    I think, I feel free to be me, it’s a wonderful .I am batting my eyes, it’s my wind up
    Ok you go girl! You are beautiful and love how those words hit the road running!
    Swirl in that dress it is inviting to all to let one’s self loosen up!

  4. I felt your Leo energy just reading this! I have a little bit of Leo in my chart so I definitely hoping to feel some of the same glow! Shine on Leo!

  5. Yeah that’s the positive side of Leo for sure…..love for one & for all!!

    And Rapinoe is as close to a girl crush I’ve ever had – it’s interesting to me how no one ever calls out male sports players now do they do-??

  6. Midara – you also will be experiencing Mars and Mercury Returns this month. Do you have in mind any new activities or writing plans to begin for the next year (Mercury) or two (Mars)?

  7. The warmth and the fun depicted here shone light on why I love Leo’s; their love and play reminds of the innocence and pure heartedness I see in animals/pets and children. Getting in touch with our inner child and living more simply is the key to more joy ?

  8. I have Mercury in Leo, and I do know hoe it may come across. Like,what a right little madam or lord.

    Leo energy is lovely though. There is a big pulsing warmth to it, at its best. The Lion King or Queen, egotistical,like all Leos, but rocking up with its court, Leos always have courts, going My Excellent Pride, they are all GORGEOUS, Get with it, be GORGEOUS too.

  9. I have natal Jupiter in Leo…so I naturally feel drawn to all that Leo energy. I find that Leo Rising folks have so much warmth & are generous. My father was a true Leo. I would do well with a Leo partner.?

  10. I’ve needed to bathe in Leo energy many, many times in my life. It is pure and it isn’t selfish, it is whole. Leos are whole. Insecure, egocentric people can be reified.

    Off topic, but about grandiosity. (More about Neptune I think.. so more suited to your Neptune posts.) I’m fascinated by John Frusciante these days. The criticism of Anthony Kiedis is that he got really bigheaded and egocentric at the beginning. I was looking at his chart and I don’t think I see it. However, I see a guy damaged by his father (who sees nothing wrong with how he raised him.) He has Sun/Neptune in a t square with Saturn. Doesn’t seem like such a grandiose guy to me, but def one with an issue seeing himself.

  11. I observe and admire but don’t understand how Leo feels “whole,” I believe. I do not understand the appeal of voguing it up for an adoring audience because who are they and why does it matter and who are you trying to conquer. I want to conquer choice people who are “better” than me or out of my paygrade.. who knows why. I am not whole. I am sort of reified in my vision of myself (Chiron in the 5th, etc.)

    My friend and I were at a club.. he has a stellium in Capricorn including the sun Mars and Neptune and has a Leo moon. He was letting this moon out because he was drunk enough, going to the top of the stage and voguing rather than going into the crowd and dancing and trying to pick someone up, which I’d try in his place.. to try to fish for romantic conquest. He was making general eye contact with the “crowd”, the people facing him.. whenever I thought his eyes hit mine I’d smile supportively and awkwardly too long not always knowing if it was me he was scanning for in the audience or who he saw. I always hate that portion of performance, that ” college dude playing you a guitar solo and boring a hole in your eyes” and you have to make eye contact and demonstrate maximum approval. I don’t get the “love of the audience” thing.

    Maybe because I have a few oppositions and am always noticing when people don’t like me (Venus) and trying and failing to bring them round to my side (Mars). “They like me, they really like me.. Oh, they dont like me? Well fuck you, you’re ugly!! Why don’t you like me?” It’s pathology.

    In any case, I don’t know how to shine in a non-schizo way, also who’s to say if I try to shine and really go out there and belt, the people won’t just reject me? They have before. And is that shining, if it doesn’t count if the audience doesn’t like it? Idk. This is something I don’t understand, and I don’t understand why I don’t understand.

    • Hi Kri!

      I’m guessing you have either Aquarian (says they don’t give a fuck but actually do) or Virgoan (I’m not good enough) planets. No offence intended, just an observation.

      Speaking as someone with a Leo stellium, being “supreme ruler of the universe” is a vocation that Leos don’t have to try too hard to do. If they act, it’s because acting comes naturally to them. If they get up on stage and belt out tunes while biting into your eyes, the way they do I’m cliched romances, that’s because that too comes naturally to them.

      I wouldn’t think too much about it. You can focus on their generous, playful, larger-than-life (I’m speaking about well-aspected Leo planets here, not those besieged from every which way angle) or you can focus on their showiness, their need to be centre stage. In a sense, Leo is like Aqua, their shadow side, in that demand one-of-a-kind. Aquas want to BE one-of-a-kind, while Leo KNOWS it is one-of-a-kind. Does that make any sense?

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