What’s Happening Post The Full (Blood) Moon Eclipse in Leo

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By the time you read this, the lunar eclipse will have passed. I’m not sure how much of a release you might feel on the other side of this. It’s a complex playing field out there and aspects between the planets are tight.

Today, we have Mars in it’s home sign, Aries, square Saturn in it’s own sign, Capricorn. If you’re someone who is willing to band together with others to get something done, this will play well. If you wish to oppress or control someone, you’ll have a fight on your hands.

Venus is conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius. This is mega-good. However, both bodies are squaring Neptune. The truth may be obscured or confused. You may learn more by avoiding (Neptune) what is broadcast (Jupiter). You may also be happier!

Last, Mercury will square Uranus on Wednesday, entering into Aquarius on Thursday. I’m mentioning this now because odds are high, you have some kind of mental breakthrough.

This could come in the form of a great idea but you could also be freed from some kind of intellectual block or shackle. The brain is so weird. You can’t remember where you left your keys… and then can remember and no one really knows why that is.

If your thoughts are locked up today, look for this to change by the end of the week.
I wonder what’s going on with you.  Personally I am surrounded by people either dying or threatening to. I’m not talking about suicide. I have two friends who are very ill. Their doctors are trying to discern exactly what the issues are and come up with a way to stabilize them. Get their hearts beating correctly and such.I’ve also seen a number things come to an end… which as opened doors to other things. I give this to Uranus aspecting the sun and moon. Jeez but it’s fast.

Then today… well, I have some important calls to make but it’s a holiday so some of these things have to wait.  I’m getting our taxes together and I got pulled over today – I really wasn’t expecting it. I have lived here nearly four years and never once encountered the police.  Boy was I surprised when he let me go with a verbal warning.

The Mars Saturn aspect mentioned here, aspects my natal Mercury and Mars. I am slowly plodding through, Mercurial things, as well as delivering scones to the dying and their caretakers.
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How are you faring post the full moon?

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What’s Happening Post The Full (Blood) Moon Eclipse in Leo — 18 Comments

  1. Well, I got yelled at this morning by an Aquarius (guess the full moon affected him, I dunno.)
    And my back has been yelling at me all day (I think there’s a pinched nerve somewhere.) Seriously, this eclipse can kiss my ass.

    • That’s funny, earlier today I received an email from the one I thought/think is my twin flame. It’s so on point it’s scary. She ended everything today after a year of silence from a mishap we could easily solve if we just talked about it. But if it’s a Aqua Sun/Mars + Taurus Moon etc you get what you get I suppose. Saturn transiting my 8th house and her 6th. I feel quite relieved and unmoved since I am not the dickhead here. Venus and Jupiter are doing wonders for me I feel very mellow also having solved old issues with Leo mother.

  2. It was a cold clear night here last night and my husband was able to get a few pictures of the Eclipse. He was really excited! I said, ” Yeah, I know….. it’s in Leo!”

    It’s pretty calm for me, although it must be close to conjunct my Midheaven by now. I talked to my Mom on the phone for a long time this morning. She has her Third Saturn Return going, as does my Dad. They are both 88 years old; both have Mars and Uranus conjunct in Aries. She isn’t happy today; full of regret about missing out on many things. I asked what would you like to have done. She said she would have travelled more.
    I would like to worry less myself. That’s what I’m shooting for!

    • virgolight,
      Your comment somehow resonates on all levels: the night of Eclipse was also clear and cold and we (my hubs and me) were out with Her, the moon, and so very excited. Leo Moon in my 7th House; 11th for my husband.
      Describing your parents’ third Saturn Return puts the future in such a lightened perspective. To regret at 88, my choices now (at 72) would need to be transforative … because I too like you would ‘like to worry less.’
      Thanks to you, and Elsa for the post.
      The Lunar Eclipse was really SOMETHING grand, a never-before-event for me and my husband. A blessing going forward; we’re grateful for the experience!

  3. Today, I tried to break the ice on the driveway. Yesterday I shoveled the snow off the ice. I may need to get out on the road tomorrow before the temps are above freezing. My back is aching from the work. Things are progressing otherwise, slowly but surely.

  4. I’m in shock. Stunned. Utterly. But the good kind.

    Someone and something that I thought were lost to me forever — and it was a huge personal loss for me (last fall) — well, they are BACK!!!!

    Just like that. It’s like someone who was dead is no longer dead. How does that happen??!!

    The “how” doesn’t matter. When the shock subsides, I will have to sit down and process this… For now, I am semi-hysterical… and in tears

  5. Also, on another front, another something else big happened, this weekend… Someone I loved and who played a key role in my life when we were older teens… is back in my life. We were reunited in person Saturday after a 41 year gap. And it is good. Very, very good. That too came out of the blue. Just dropped out of the sky, totally unexpected..

  6. I feel kinda weird. Like some kind of amorphous anxiety is there. Something I cant see but I know its there.

    Hearing a branch breaking behind you. You know something is there. It could be an angel or a wolf, but the not knowing makes you feel vulnerable.

    I cant tell if this is about me, someone close to me, or something in the collective. It bugs me that I never know which it is.

    • Could be the collective. We’ve had a month-long partial government shutdown in the U. S. I think it has a lot of people feeling a bit on edge, like, what’s going to happen as this drags on for weeks? Months?….Longer?

  7. nothing really happened; we just hung out at my mother in law’s for dinner and movie; she begged us to come by that night while i wanted to stay home. and then we went home around 2200, before the full moon completion i guess. first time i felt like i didnt have to do much; i usually run around for my mother in law. I also got more creative, and more energetic.
    i’m kind of feelin the idgaf attitude back, and wasn’t feeling it for months. I want it back. lol the feeling of giving too many figlets just ruins my day and bears me down too much that it incapacitates me. i like to give some, but balance must be needed.

  8. So much has happened! Usually I read about all the sweeping sudden change possible during full moon eclipses like this and sigh, nothing terribly noteworthy. But…
    The house I have listed as a broker has languished on the market for the past 6 months and suddenly we got a very good, clean offer and it’s scheduled to close in early February. Friday I went to work at my other full time job and my boss told me she was being promoted. The big boss called me later that afternoon and asked me to interview for the soon to be open position. I have only been there six months and out of a deep pool of candidates, I was offered the position with a great raise.
    And…my daughter won the lead roll in the high school play on Friday. All I could think of as all this is happening was Elsa saying in a post last week to “hold on to your butts!

  9. At my daughter-in-law’s behest, my photos taken at my city’s Women’s March this past Saturday were posted on her Instagram account. I never thought I could be talked into sharing my images with the general public. I relented because three other friends vehemently suggested the same. The Leo lunar eclipse was clearly captured in my images: groups (Aquarius) women were protesting (Leo) for ending (lunar eclipse) assorted unfair practices.

  10. My friend (who was an ex-bf) that I’ve been messaging almost daily for the last 3 months suddenly fell out of contact. We have been kind of rekindling the flame. We’re on different coasts. We saw each other again first time after 3 years in November, and then he came out to visit me a month ago and we spent a wonderful weekend together. He wanted to talk, I assume probably about us, so we scheduled a phone call this past weekend. He kept pushing it out, and also started being not very responsive again (throwback to when we were dating). I last heard from him on Sunday, and he said he’d call Monday (yesterday), but my messages to him since Sunday are showing unread. He mentioned he’s coming out of a rut, so I’m worried about him. But yeah, as he’s unresponsive, he’s just disappeared now. I hope he’s ok.

  11. Well, we moved into our first brand new house together on Thursday morning, after waiting 9 months for it. Then my husband went back to work and my 13 year old dog who came with me overseas 6 years ago and I kicked back together all afternoon. He was weak and slept outside my husband’s door until he got home.
    When he arrived from work, my dog jumped around happy to see him, and promptly expelled the tumor he had in his nose, prompting a bleed out of immense proportions for the 3rd time in the past few weeks. We had already decided we couldn’t put him down until we had moved and he knew where we would be living and where we could bury him with us, so it was exceptionally emotional that he endured it all and made it to the move, but not one more day. He had been showing me a lot of teeth when I was hiding his meds in his food and was starting to reject them unless he made a big violent show first- it just couldn’t go on. His tumor was pushing on his eye and his brain too.
    I have Saturn at 23 CAP, and Jupiter at 27CAP. We just got the lawn put in over his grave in the backyard.

  12. Kicking it, Long days ,intense dreams
    Thinking to plan a quick ski in few weeks to break pattern
    What’s the saying:all work and no play( powernap would work, too)
    Lady in waiting for quirky Aquarius type moment ,or an Aries “hachacha “

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