What To Expect From Saturn Retrograde 2020: Business & Personal Update

Saturn glossySaturn will turn retrograde in Aquarius May 11th.  The planet will reenter Capricorn on July 1st.  At this point, you can’t really isolate it’s effect. It will meet Jupiter and Pluto in the sign. This situation will be sustained for the rest of the year and the impact will be profound.

Saturn in Capricorn is a positive force. The planet is strong in it’s own sign. Good boundaries.  Things get sorted out and put right.

I’m not suggesting this is fun or enjoyable. “Karma” is not necessarily pleasant but it can be understood.  It describes the kind of thing that comes around and you know you deserve it?  The effects of this transit will be altered by the involvement of Jupiter and Pluto.

Jupiter expands things and as you can see, we are currently in a worldwide pandemic which includes FEAR (Capricorn). Whatever comes of this, it will travel because that’s what Jupiter does.

Pluto kills, among other things.  Specifically, I have always seen Pluto in Capricorn to be a business killer.  You can click the tags; I’ve written about this for more than a decade. Spin it in any direction you like.

For example, people say, they dying businesses are outworn or old-fashioned. It’s not going to make this less painful. In many cases, the businesses suffer through no fault of their own.

The pain will be widespread but not evenly applied. I’ll link to an earlier post below, that offers details and guidance for Earth signs, in particular, who stand to fare quite well through this.  We’re near enough to the forming of this conjunction, there are clear indications of industries that will be devastated…

For example, Jupiter rules air travel.  Has it not been severely curtailed? Warren Buffett, who has Saturn in Capricorn, sold his all his stock in airlines. That’s an obvious case, but then comes the attached businesses, car rental agencies, hotels, Airbnb is laying off people in droves.  You can extrapolate out from there.

Maybe you’re in a less-affected business. It won’t help you if your customer is broke.  It’s going to be a grind. A hardship, worldwide.  Add to this the Uranus in Taurus – Reversal Of Fortune situation. You’ve kind of got to be ready for anything.

To fare well, embrace Saturn in Capricorn principles. They’re simple. Face your fear. Do the right thing. Keep your commitments if at all possible. Support others if you’re in a position to do so. Don’t lie, steal, cheat… control yourself.

You can also be kind.  The last thing a person in the midst of you a painful struggle needs is for someone to come along and kick them. People think it won’t happen to them, often right before it does!

More here:

Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn: July – December, 2020

These might also help. Check the house in your chart that will be impacted:

The 2020 Jupiter Saturn Pluto Conjunction: Effect By House

This post is specific for Aries/Libra.

To update, I see widespread dread at this time.  It’s as if everyone in the world (Jupiter) is either being held or backed into something that’s repulsive to them (Pluto).  Situations are intractable. I don’t see that anyone is able to sneak out of this.  That’s unusual.

You may be less affected, if you don’t have planets in the late degrees of Cardinal signs. This doesn’t help you much when your child or your spouse or parent or best friend, is.

I’m also noticing that for some, the primary pain comes from the realization they are old.  You really get it at this point. Time is limited. You don’t have endless opportunities to do the right thing.

Saturn will retrograde back into Capricorn on July 1st.  See if you can feel this LOCK IN.  Be sure to note the house in your chart where the stellium falls.  Serious business there at this time.

Also, if your birthday takes place in this period, be sure to check your solar return. Knowledge is power.

Good luck, everyone!

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What To Expect From Saturn Retrograde 2020: Business & Personal Update — 21 Comments

  1. Between this and Venus Rx squaring off with Neptune, I’m having a hard time seeing any silver lining in this. It feels like there’s just been a row of bad astrological aspects in the sky since the start of the year :/ and I’m having a harder time seeing how Earth signs will weather it, unless to suggest that the Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter conjunction will help Earth signs (esp. Cap since it’s in our sign) fortify themselves and build a solid foundation on what’s fallen?

  2. I don’t know, I just sense that the whole outer ‘big’ thing is imploding around me. Just flaking off. Example would be milk dumping, meat animal euthanizing, vegetable crops being plowed under, while people are in lines at the food bank. The big farm industry can’t get food to people. It’s imploding. And sometimes I see those food lines on tv and they are all $35-$50,000 vehicles in line. And they are imploding. The big puffed up ‘world leaders’ are imploding as they cannot take responsibility to guide people through this honestly. They cannot spoof their way around this pandemic. The cronies of the leaders who are mismanaging in loyalty to them, their facades are imploding as ineptitude becomes apparent.

    So yes, I think some saturnian principle would be good. Like take some responsibility, and support some good structuring that makes some kind of sense.

    Me, my whole reality is restructuring itself. Drilling down to what is really important and building on that. I do think Pluto helps with that. And Jupiter, well I am really grateful for what I have. Everyday, I am grateful.

  3. I have Saturn in Capricorn, and this is about the childish masses growing up and rejecting the lies. There IS no pandemic. This was engineered to destroy our civil liberties and trash the economy. Since when do those who use us for guinea pigs for everything from nuclear radiation to glyphosate care about our health? anything 5th grade science student knows immunology doesn’t work this way! Saturn says: GROW UP! Just an inkling of the proof is right here:

    https://www.bitchute.com/video/oGVRqleTzzMi/ dr. erickson

    https://www.bitchute.com/video/XZWAuRwiAz0p/ dr. mikovits

    http://stopthecrime.net/wp/2020/04/06/dr-shiva-live-we-are-at-war-firefauci-end-the-shutdown/ dr.shiva

      • I am just looking at this pandemic/situation/??? from a basic level, no politics or corruption involved –

        Pandemic |pan’demik| adj: (of a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the world. noun: an outbreak of a pandemic disease.

        To me, RIGHT NOW, it doesn’t matter who, where, how, or what. Thousands upon thousands are dying – mothers, fathers, grandparents, sisters, brothers, young children… I feel our energy is better spent figuring out how to help rather than sit in corners pointing fingers. I am in the front lines, peoples suffering and struggling is real – corruption or not.

        • The problem here is that people get their news in different places. Different sources present /don’t present (very) different facts. The facts have virtually nothing in common.

          Then you come to a forum like this and run into people who seemed to have missed the memo. Well, they got the memo, it just said something different then the memo you read.

          Point is, it’s easy to understand how one person thinks the other is unfathomable. We just have to live this way right now… and try to be forgiving, at least that’s my opinion.

          • Thanks Elsa.

            I try to listen to all sides, I try not to be swayed one way or another. I don’t agree or disagree with what the videos presented simply because I don’t know for sure. I know shit goes on behind closed doors and it’s ugly.

            I just see the human suffering in this moment and that is what disturbs me. To my core.

            I didn’t want to come off as holier than thou, though I do see it can be read that way. I apologize if I have caused any ill feelings.

            I feel deeply about the losses and casualties that are happening, and the aftermath left for the survivors.

      • And too bad those childs suffering from that weird mutant strain will never get to grow up.

        No pandemic. Ain’t that something? Too late now the whole world has changed. So like did they hire all those nurses and doctors to act like there’s a pandemic? Did the ones that died from the fake virus really die, were they hired to die?

        I guess it’s anybody’s decision how they react to all this. Jupiter is risky. Saturn should let us know, won’t it?

        Even if it was engineered, it’s still happening right? People are still dying? Either which way, the genie is out of the bottle.

        Funny to think about. Thanks for the laugh jac.

  4. Something happened when Saturn was in Aquarius even if it was only up to 1 degree. Whatever it was, we now get a chance to revisit and perhaps solidify, restructure, build or strengthen/make commitments. Sure some people may experience delays, restrictions etc., but Saturn also rewards, the kind of rewards that can change your life because they come after years, decades or a lifetime of hard work. Especially, since Saturn will Rx through Capricorn, it’s home base, for the next few months till December and won’t return to this sign for another ~28/29 years – so I think this period is important, likely very important.

    Curiously, I noticed that…

    Saturn Rx on Mother’s Day 5/10 (for the U.S, and ~47 other countries)

    Saturn ingress Aquarius on Mother’s Day 3/22 (for the U.K, and other countries)

    The symbolism is rich!!

  5. Nailed it.
    As usual, but the “Hanged Man” in the Tarot comes to mind with this. WHO are we going to put up on that cross now? (See what I did there?)
    Dear Gods, woman. You’re incredible. I’ll keep plugging you on my show.

  6. Triple earth here: Virgo sun & moon, Taurus ascendant (placidus). This will occur in my 10th. I’ve had a rough two years professionally–quit a toxic job (to me this nerve was due to Uranus transiting Taurus) then got a new job only to layed off with several others a year later. Since then I’ve been consulting to make ends meet but nothing more miraculously on the ‘finding a full time job’ front.

    Is that I’ve been able to pay my bills even while looking for my next full time gig the positive effect on Earth signs that this refers to? I am hoping for a great new full time job but it has yet to be found. Can I expect more goodness re: career with this event on July 2? Any help appreciated!

    Transits on July 2, 2020:
    Pluto 24 degrees Capricorn, 10th house
    Jupiter 23 degrees Cap, 10th house
    Saturn 29 degrees Cap, 10th house

    Sun 4 degrees Virgo
    Moon 23 degrees Virgo
    Ascendant 3 degrees Taurus

    I hope I’m providing the right info !

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