The Saturn Return – Part 8: Final

The Saturn return, age 28 – 29 marks the culmination of a cycle of maturing…

Thise series starts here: Demystifying The Saturn Return – Intro


The Saturn Return – Part 8: Final — 15 Comments

  1. Toni, don’t be surprised if you see a total turnaround. This is very common. It is amazing what people do and can do when sufficiently pressured.

  2. Ooh, I hope I can turn things around- I have a feeling I took a wrong turn at the last Saturn square.
    And Elsa, thanks once again for the Saturn-return series. 🙂

  3. Elsa, any thoughts or comments on people who are anxiously awaiting their SR? I’ve seen it a few times around here, and even felt it in myself a bit, that feeling like “Is it here yet? Is this it? Am I ready for it?” What do you think about people who… feel like they’re waiting for the other shoe to finally drop?

  4. Thanks so much for the insightful videos, Elsa! 🙂 This helped me a lot!

    So I have a question: Is it necessary to “achieve” during Saturn Return or is it good enough to have a very defined core path to take towards adulthood? Because of the Saturn/Uranus opposition, I feel a sense of “urgency” to achieve, however, I have done a lot of soul-searching, a lot of time alone, and a lot of self-reflection to define what it is I want in life. So far, I have only taken baby steps towards this goal which is very unlike me (I usually go drastic). Would this be an ok approach?

  5. “is it good enough to have a very defined core path to take towards adulthood”

    Yes – this is all that is expected. That is it exactly. And that you determine the path not another person… (mommy/daddy did it for you). You take control, see? It is YOUR life at this point – that is the point.

  6. These posts are great, especially post-SR (I always find astrology easier to understand in hindsight, at this stage of study). I’m trying to figure out where I’m going wrong and hoping analyzing that time period will help me out.

    I feel pretty directionless, most of the time. It’s weird. I just kind of bump around and I’m one of those people who wonder how the hell I got from here—-> to here.
    I’ve been with the same company for over 8 years but I come and go constantly to attempt other pursuits. All of which I have failed at for various reasons.

    Sometimes I wonder where I’ve gone wrong; other times I just throw up my hands and order myself to stop trying to make sense of my life because it will make me crazy if I do.

  7. I experienced my SR a little differently than described. From age 18-28 I had worked full time throughout the ten years in a large city, then at 28, I chucked it all in, the job went, bad relationship went. I relocated to an alternative community in another state and well, kind-of dropped out for a few years. It was the best thing ’cause I had burnt out.

  8. Thanks for this post! I’m gonna have my SR very shortly and I’m kind of waiting on tenterhooks as well. I have four other planets in Libra so saturn is going to rake them over when it happens. I have been getting progressively more clucky with my nephew and couply with my manfriend. I’m finishing off my studies that I failed the first time around but it seems like I’m working my guts out for no good reason-I’m only just scraping through. I would be very interested in any more info on this subject, I want to set my life up properly for the next 28 years.

  9. My Saturn return was dramatic, to say the least, as it was conjunct with Uranus and Neptune, four degrees away on either side. And of course, the first significant relationship I’d ever had went into meltdown round about the same time. I was thrown into a tornado of confusion, despair etc. and span off to the other side of the world (literally), then spent the next couple of years wondering what had happened. Looking back on it, I can see that it all happened to make me grow up, but I’m glad I learned the lesson and the next one won’t be so powerful (crosses fingers).

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