The Saturn Return… Part 2: Climbing The Wrong Mountain?

The Saturn return is the point where you reorient your life and there is no need to be terrified. Here is real life example:

Henry in his own words as referenced in the piece.

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The Saturn Return… Part 2: Climbing The Wrong Mountain? — 18 Comments

  1. my saturn is near the 8th house cusp so saturn had just toured my 7th on my return. I had been an unwed mother, working two jobs, finishing university, and realized I didn’t want acheivement, I wanted security and home and more children. I wanted to be a housewife. like WANTED for real. you’d be surprised how much prejudice I encountered for wanting that (in my family/friend circle).

    sun in the 7th, cap moon in the 5th. I felt so much shame being an unwed mother that I bought a wedding ring to wear to the grocery store. now I’m a single mom of three nearing my saturn opposition and I suspect I’m learning not to care about what other people think.

  2. oh yeah, so I met a man, quit school, got married, had babies, helped him advance his career, and threw big parties. I enjoyed it, but that part of my life is done.

  3. My Saturn is conjunct my sun/ascendant. I left my man, got divorced, moved far away, and found *my* life as opposed to the one that I’d been told I should have.

    Truly? Best thing I’ve ever done for myself – I kind of feel like I got off the wrong mountain too. 😀

  4. Thank you, Skye. I am hoping to this gets spread around. I have two more videos in the can for the next two days and will either leave it there or continue on depending on the response I suppose. I appreciate your taking the time to post. 🙂

  5. My Saturn is in the 9th, which is always a little hazy to me (unfortunately, because my Sun is also there). I know it involves publishing, and my SR definitely involved putting the pedal to the metal in that department. And I read endlessly about, and fell in love with, Buddhism (religion/philosophy).

    Ultimately, maybe it was that I payed my dues in an industry that had aspects I loved and aspects I didn’t, and the dues-paying allowed me to leave (a couple years later) and pursue only the parts I love, independently. Maybe that’s it, though it seems a little vague..

  6. These posts have been brilliant, Elsa, just brilliant. I have yet to have my saturn return although a year or two and then I’ll be in the grit of things so these posts are just great. I have saturn all over my chart so I feel that I will at least be some what equipped and I think that relates back to you post about chart rulers or being familiar with a certain energy in your chart.

    I dont know if I fare better than most because when saturn hits my chart it hits hard but I think because I have had to consistently deal with saturn (natally) that when transits do hit im better at coping with them than say someone who is not familiar with that energy natally.

    Hope that makes sense – anyways at least im learning about it here .Im grateful for the heads up from someone who has lived and learnt.

  7. Hi Elsa – The climbing the wrong mountain analogy is hitting home. I think your story about Henry helped your message to sink in. During my saturn return I realized that I had climbed the wrong mountain career wise. Looking down that steep slope, I wondered how the swearword I was going to get back down there and climb a different mountain. Everything else in my life was going well’ I just grew increasingly frustrated with the path I had chosen even though I was doing well. Then along came Revenue Canada and said, ‘Son, we would like to have a really good look through your records and find out how a youngster like you has done so well.’ The Audit took nine months! After it was done I was assessed for the equivalent of one years gross pay. Do you know how long it takes to save that amount of money after expenses and more taxes? Any way, I am not one to let things like this stand in my way. Saturn in Capricorn and Jupiter in Sagittarius. I redoubled my efforts. Which led to a redoubling of my frustration with being on the wrong mountain. After a couple of years of working very hard and making a lot of money but not getting to keep any of it. I had an opportunity to go on an expense paid holiday. It was from this new vantage point that I was able to say… I’m done! When I got back I instantly started rearranging that part of my life and starting to put together all of the gear to climb another mountain. What I realize now is that I did a practice climb on a small mountain first and then got ready to climb another big one. And I am standing on the top of it now, waving like mad at you saying, ‘Thanks Elsa….I like your green dress!’

  8. Yeah, that IS the idea of achievement in my college, sort of traveling around living “outside the bourgeois system,” I wonder where the kids get the money to do it though.
    The story about Henry reminded me of a 29 year old guy I met named Tedevan who is a wandering healer type who hangs out in Union Square and is couchsurfing/running for president.

  9. …working to make the time and space to paint again.
    (working hard hard hard i sometimes forget where i’m going but i can’t just drop off the face of the world as a single mom.)

    everything else is… social growth. no small candy that, trying to connect to a group of eccentrics who feed each other’s creativity.
    well, we’ll see.

  10. Saturn return is stressing me out. I can’t do what I like and want and also fulfill my responsibilities, pay the bills, etc. Or maybe that’s just my Moon opposition Saturn talking. 😉

  11. Thank you Henry!

    Saturn returns (I’ve had two of ’em) have been full-throttle shifts for me. Capricorn on the rise and in my moon the need to achieve is deep.

    What your stories did for me is to recognize how like a goat i am. I start out climbing or clambering to achieve. The Scorpio Sun gets to looking and looking at the rocks along the path, turning them over and then … “Ah, this is not the path. It’s THAT one over THERE.”

    So, my life as wanderer is now my climb. Like your grandfather wrote in one of those letters, i too am a sensitive and it does my soul a wealth of good to start out on a trip to take my mind off the sensitivities of the body. Clamber clamber to another hillside/desert/ledge/beach.
    (Cappy Moon in 12th, Saturn in 8th Leo). Proud wanderer, teaching through the journey.

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