Understanding The Saturn Return: Part 1

The Saturn return: What it is and what it ain’t. I created this series due to a discussion here: Reality does not create reality.

It’s a series of stories intended to dispel the fear people have as they approach their Saturn return as well illustrate the nuts and bolts and purpose of this time in your life. It is entertaining, not dour. Enjoy!

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Understanding The Saturn Return: Part 1 — 5 Comments

  1. I went back to look at my chart and found that the hole I had been in and described at the beginning of this series wasn’t as much my Saturn Return as Saturn passing over my sun (and opposing my moon) five times before heading off to rendevous with natal Saturn. 😀 Ah, well, live/learn.
    So, since I’m in the last of my SR, I’m following this like a hawk! Thanks, E.

  2. Not sure why, But the video is not showing in the post. May be, because I’m at work. But maybe double check this post ? Also, i registered to the site. cant login!

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