What Does Black Moon Lilith Have To Do With the Labor Shortage?


Oh yes. Please stand back while I play by someone else’s rules.

All over the US, there are labor crises. Low-wage employers are having difficulty finding workers and higher-paid office workers are leaving en masse at the prospect of abandoning their home offices and reentering the workplace. This has been chalked up to the tension between Saturn, representing the status quo, and Uranus, representing change and power to the people. I think this is accurate, but missing an important component: Black Moon Lilith.

While Uranus has been slowly making its way through Taurus, Oscillating Black Moon Lilith has been right there with it. She’s been in the shadows, whispering in Uranus’ ear and agitating for real change. Lilith puts all her weight behind the underdog, and in this case, it is the workers she sees as the victims.

How, she asks, could employers let everyone go all at once, leaving them with nothing and no one to count on,  and then expect them to happily return to work one they’re considered useful again? How could we call people essential and heroes but not pay them enough to live? How could we let people do their work where they’re most comfortable only to tell them they’re no longer allowed due to some arbitrary benchmark no one seems to understand?

However you feel about the worker shortage and its merits or lack thereof, the paragraph above is the logic underlying the movement. And Black Moon Lilith is all too happy to see this particular pot get a stir.

See, Lilith, at heart, is a separatist. She understands the people who want to change the system from the inside. She does. But she can never do it. Instead, she sees a broken system and pushes us to simply opt out. She knows that if enough people stop playing the game, the rule makers discover they have no real power. When enough of the foundation crumbles, there’s nothing left to hold the house of cards.

So Lilith says, “Hey, stop playing their rigged game. Don’t you know the house always wins? Become an entrepreneur. Insist on better conditions. Stop buying into their story. Stop giving them money and start giving it to your local community. Screw the big boxes. Spend your cash at the corner store. And if the people in power won’t treat you like a human within their system, then stop being in their system. Nothing is worth your humanity.”

I won’t claim that Lilith’s answer is THE answer. I won’t even imply it! The truth is, I don’t have any answers. I am just a person, and this is a cosmic game. But Lilith is a powerful player on the side of revolution, and her influence shouldn’t be denied. As you continue to hear about people going their own way financially, don’t let Saturn and Uranus get all the glory. Black Moon Lilith, too, is playing her part.

How do you feel about Black Moon Lilith’s part in the labor shortage? Where do you expect to see her influence pop up next?




What Does Black Moon Lilith Have To Do With the Labor Shortage? — 9 Comments

  1. I’ve never thought of Black Lilith being involved. Interesting.

    As far as the labor shortage, I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, it frustrates me just like it does everyone else around here. Time for people to get off their duffs and get back to work, right? But then another part of me thinks, wait a minute. Why would anyone take a pay cut to go out and face crappy work conditions, expose themselves and their loved ones to a dangerous virus, and face customers who are on edge after a garbage year, just for a paycheck that won’t even cover the basics because of inflation?? Who would be that stupid?

    Food for thought. I’m actually hoping this whole situation transforms the work world, even if it’s painful. We went through something like this in 2009, with the Saturn-Uranus opposition. Workplaces laid people off, people couldn’t find work anywhere, so they were like, “You know what? I’ll just become my own boss!” and never looked back. This time looks and feels different, though, with Black Lilith involved.

  2. I think transiting North Node in Gemini should also be included in this equation. The collective influence of this Node is revolutionizing local businesses, re-energizing local neighborhoods (note the HGTV hit series “Home Town Takeover”), and reassessing primary grade school systems. I agree with you, the everyday person is challenging, and sometimes bucking, traditional authority (Sag South Node).

  3. I hear pieces of both Jayne’s and NotMyCircus’s views as I toss your perspective on Black Moon Lilith’s influence on the workers and labor involved in economy. I agree with Jayne’s thought that North Node in Gemini needs to be added to the alchemy. Personally, my natal North Node IS in Gemini, and BML conjuncts that natal placement just two degrees separation. In the 5th House, my opportunity is to embrace the innovative and quirky journey, which with NMC’s view of a similar Saturn-Uranus aspect had labor and ‘the man’ facing off. What I add to this conversation is a slightly longer view going back to 1989 when: BLM was transiting Scorpio while Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, and Mercury transited Capricorn. The deep dive of structures, for me and the US economy, was the beginning of corporate buy-outs and the end of family-owned business as all those structures went “public” and into the stock market.
    I was a young brown woman in that corporate setting, at the edge of definitions about ethics and profit. It would signal my decades long experiences with Black Moon Lilith, and my strong Saturn ruled chart, always tweaked by Uranus sextiling all that control. So much to try to say, but enough for now. The topic again provoked thoughtfulness, Midara. Leo on!

  4. Just today, for the first time ever, I saw a sign at a fast food restaurant advertising a sign-on bonus for job applicants. 🤯 😳

    I’ve usually seen them at hospitals for nurses and for trucker drivers, that sort of thing. But FAST FOOD??? Holy crap, they must be desperate.

  5. This resistance has vaguely crossed my mind at some point in the past but not in the same form, a more watered down one. I have lilith in aquarius, aquarius ruled my 2nd house and saturn in aquarius mutual reception with uranus. I’d say to not throw the baby with the bathwater, in an ideal world there would be no need for anarchy or violent rupture from old forms to new forms, one way or another way, just adapting and transforming what’s old and isn’t working.

  6. Today I found some eye-opening discussions about the labor shortage on Reddit. The reasons for it are not as simple as many people would like to think.

  7. I think there is an intelligence FAR above any of us, at least when limited by our bodies here, that is directing a lot of this. I have had dreams on it. The perspective of the spirits and things on certain things.

    Black moon Lilith? This is a hard one for me to capture in transit but I note how a lot of people talk about this asteroid a lot.

    To me, and this is only my personal feel on it. It seems to not be a negotiator and it seems to drive the knife in sometimes. I wonder if it is to do with karma? Or to do with sexuality? I suspect you mentioned it in relation to this because of the current trine to transiting Pluto?

    What strikes me about this and also correlations in my own life is it does all seem rather ‘karmic’. To take those two examples. The CIA has nothing on the manipulativeness and subtle narcissistic entanglements and such in your average gossipy office job! People not wanting to go into the office and narcs trying to bring them back for supply! Narcs that don’t have people that like them in their own life so have to try and have employees that are enslaved to be around them. Yeah, that seems rather karmic.

    Fast food is another mentioned. The thing is with the Western economies is most of them wax lyrical about treating workers well but mostly employ immigrants as unskilled labour, partly because they don’t know their rights, and treat most of them like that Phil Ochs song ‘Bracero’. Also, they are used to being able to treat these people, whom are giving a whole lot, as garbage because of endless expendable labour. They literally expect “the best”. These sorts of bosses and upper management now having to treat their workers well is another example of karma in my opinion.

    Trouble is with Black Moon Lilith is after she decides to balance karma out the situation is not usually any more resolved than it was before. You need Saturn for that and Saturn is not in aspect. And a lot of people don’t generally like Saturn so won’t carry the transit.

    So it kind of leads us to: “Let it all burn – Unbunny”. – Coincidentally like that song the scaffolding was taken down yesterday from where I live.

  8. The reason there is a shortage in the low wage labor is because they’ve learned that taking a pay cut just to pay the bills will pigeon hole them into that lower wage category down the road. No longer can you take a lower paying job just to pay the bills. You will not be able to request a higher paid job after you make that move. I learned this the hard way. It’s better to withhold and suffer waiting for the higher paid position so you’re not branded with the lower wage status into your next job. You wouldn’t believe the answers i got from higher paid employers asking why my last job was lower paid. They can’t seem to get past the fact you only took it that summer while you were visiting someone or some other random reason. They don’t care that all your other jobs were higher paid. You are judged by the amount you made at your last job. It might as well be branded in your skin.

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