What Are You Doing Under The New Moon In Aries?

aries ram vintage cupToday, I felt compelled to use red text in email consultations. I never do this! I have Mars conjunct Mercury as it is. The last thing I want to do is come across as chastising or like some teacher, grading people!  But’s just seemed the thing to do.  A red flag is not a sea-green flag, is it?

What are you doing, as we head into this epic new moon?

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What Are You Doing Under The New Moon In Aries? — 14 Comments

  1. People around me at UTSA are wearing shorts and backward baseball caps. I’m wearing a black Led Zeppelin t-shirt, grey workout pants and a turquoise jacket. I’m sweating and liking it. Someone bought my necklace at eBay so I just mailed it to her. Now I’m going to work on my blog and listen to my favorite Yoko Ono album. I think she has an Aries moon. 🙂

  2. p.s. I was wrong. Yoko Ono has a Sagittarius moon. Empty first house. John Lennon had an Aries ascendant and an Aquarius moon.

    • @misti, all the aquarius sun females are so different. Even if they have same moon/sun combo. I saw that Amal Alamuddin is also this combo, but married a pisces rising Taurus George Clooney. Also, Jennifer Aniston, is more similar in that she has libra rising like that Yoko woman, but she married a Leo sun/Aries moon. The aries is still there for her libra. The big difference is that Yoko is super airy. It’d be cool to know Amal Alamuddin’s rising. Astrology is awesome like that.

  3. Scheduled a Wellness Exam (a first in years) for next week, and began reviewing and organizing 500 + articles/posts to begin writing my first e-book. The New Moon in Aries will be in my 3rd House.

  4. Well, I have Mars conjunct Mercury in Gemini in my natal chart. 5th House. This is just a slightly different flavor for me, like an ice cream flavor made by a different company. 😉

  5. I went for a short run on the treadmill this morning. I feel tense. Everything in my life is changing and I’m trying to take it in stride. I’m trying to unmesh from my exxx, who is an Aries Moon. He has a girlfriend, already. Has had one. I’m a Scorpio Moon and it’s not ok but I know he’s not me and he’s hurting now, too. I’m trying to keep up the boundaries, but I’m confused and I hurt yet I love him? It’s going through my 9th house. Beliefs, my beliefs are changing… They so are. I’m actively finding new students and some are finding me. Life is so much more than I will ever grasp. I’m trying to step into faith every single moment. I’m trying to feel my way around. Every moment is throwing me a new emotion. It’s INTENSE.

    • I just realized I want to start a moon journal, maybe a sun one, too. It will help me be a tad bit more unattached to what comes through…

  6. cutting down on ALL appointments that aren’t absolutely necessary. can we say 8th house new moon? i am ridiculously overbooked and my body is rebelling.

  7. Falls in my 4th house, I am getting my house in order clearing clutter, eliminating things I do not need any longer. I found a journal this morning from 9 years ago it was a VERY VERY dark time for me the most painful I have ever experienced and to this day I scratch my head that I pulled through it, I don’t have words to adequately explain so suffice to say it was the worst, part of which included my Mother’s unexpected death but believe it or not that was not the worst of it. It was interesting to read my words and introspective thoughts and how things have evolved since it was healing to read it and feel detached from it. Once I finished reading it I took it outside tossed into the grill doused it with lighter fluid and set it a blaze. How is that for some Aries energy of removing something from existence. I did not want those words and the power of the pain they held to exist any longer so I burned them to ash.That time is behind me, it was cathartic. I also have learned that part of my strength comes from having learned to live my life with un-compromised self care. I have nothing to give to anyone if I don’t take care of me first. I have fallen off the course with this a bit and I am putting myself back on the front burner and doing what I need to take care of myself first. Mothering myself. Again very Aries 4th house. This New moon opposes my natal Sun and Jupiter which are conj in my 10th of my natal chart.

  8. It will be in my 6th house, opposite my nMars, who is ruler of my 6th.
    Not sure what that means, but the way this new moon is described, I feel I’d better just go for a long walk and avoid everyone and everthing that day – or perhaps just stay home???
    But, avoidance isn’t always a good idea.
    With my nMars in Libra in 12th, I’m afraid of my own anger!

  9. hopefully stay home and stay away from danger. Isn’t Aries like the representation of a Knife? cutting up and stuff.

  10. Aries New moon is in my 4th house but conjunct my 3rd house also. I want to declutter…have been doing in small bits. With Uranus in the picture I think I need possible upgrading laptop & possibly finding a new source of income, albeit unconventional.

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