Weekly Love Forecast – Jupiter Direct And Shenanigans

Cancer emThis weekend, Venus in Leo moves through a trine to Chiron and into square with Uranus. Personal experience is a great teacher and that can happen in a flash. The next best experience is getting creative in imagining what could happen, or allowing oneself to be changed by internalizing someone else’s reality.

The astro conditions are ripe to realize which of your desires are mere habit and redirect yourself toward recognizing what truly sparks your passion. Sometimes we get attached to being attached. This is SNAP OUT OF IT timing.

It’s particularly so as retrograde Mars makes its way back into square with Saturn (and Pluto… and Jupiter). It’s easier to let go than be dragged or pummeled. Mercury aids Venus here with a quincunx to Uranus. Irritations can actually fire up the brain to peak capacity as it’s inspired to solve an impossible puzzle. Attitudes and the senses get tuned up as we go.

The only way to attain all that is through change. Sensitivity rises to the occasion to sniff out a delicate but ingrained imbalance. Communications are key. That requires a back and forth that is also imbalanced. It’s a challenge that irritates but draws us in. On one hand, we must “make nice” and be diplomatic, which can require some acting. On the other hand, being true to ourselves is the only way to get our genuine desires addressed. It’s a fine line and we walk it.

When we walk it, we are met with obstructions. Or we may run and find ourselves laden with burdens. In any case, transits are transitory and we’re learning; we’re getting somewhere… even when it doesn’t seem like it. Just keep working at what seems right. Doing the right thing pays off in the end.

Friday and Saturday, the Moon in Cancer sets off all those bells and whistles. The mood is heavy with emotion, often the repressed emotion of intensified, unfulfilled needs. If that’s not you, your needs… it’s in someone nearby who impacts you.

Friday night, the Moon squares Chiron and sextiles Uranus, in semi-sextile to Venus. The mood is zippy and sensitive but the aesthetic is innovative and beautiful: dramatic. By night’s end the Moon squares Mercury as well. Don’t send off any hastily written communiques unless you’re ready to shock someone and willing to pay the price. Sometimes that’s what works, but be aware of what you’re intending.

Saturday night, the Moon opposes Jupiter as Jupiter stations direct. The Moon goes on to sextile the Virgo Sun. Purpose and hope break free from internalized focus and turn back on the heart. This can be exactly what’s needed, but it can also feel a bit much. Turn your attention to the nuts and bolts of what you’d normally do and what is already on your plate. Service to others is also a great way to spend this emotional energy.

It’s likely at some point we all have a moment of “I’m free”. How that feels depends on your own relationship to release and acceleration.

The late night Cancer Moon opposes Pluto as well. Once you modulate for an excess of emotion (yours or others’), this influence is empowering. There’s a sexual charge or perhaps a deep need to control. This can be satisfying or overpowering, but it’s intense. It shines in or out. With Pluto retrograde, this sparkling smolder could be internal but seeming to come from outside oneself.

Sunday morning, the Cancer Moon opposes Saturn and squares Mars. Take your time, and time your movements. If you expect things to take longer and require more effort than usual, you’ll avoid the pitfalls of irritation. Taking a mature stance helps. Controlling oneself rather than trying to control others helps. Helping helps!

Communicate like a Libra, diplomatically – employing give and take. Get yourself out of a jam by taking turns.

The Moon moves to Sun-ruled Leo and into conjunction with Venus by the end of the day. Needs and desires meet in tone and intensity as both square Uranus. By knowing what we don’t want, we naturally flesh out what we do want. A little bit of role play wouldn’t hurt either. Consider how getting what you think you want might feel. This may lead to some aha moments and surprise pleasures!

What are your weekend plans?



Weekly Love Forecast – Jupiter Direct And Shenanigans — 3 Comments

  1. I had to check in to see if you would be mentioning change in some context. Woke up digesting the stuff I heard from people this week. On the move they are. I feel swept up in this change thing. Like I am part of this movement that has no name.

    I continue with the harvest. When I started this farmette thing, I canned and preserved willy nilly without managing food supply. Now I take inventory and plant what I am running out of. It felt like work, something I had to do. But then it turned to delight in doing it. Same thing with what I started a few years ago, searching out new vegetable dish recipes. It was like a job I had to make time for . And this year I take great joy in it. It does not seem like work. I am in wonder at this.

    And I am in wonder about all those heart to heart deep conversations with people about feelings and personal changes that are now manifesting in life changes. I am always enthralled with people’s personal journeys as they tell it. And as these internal changes produce outer movement, it almost seem miraculous. Alchemy at it’s best I guess. It’s a movement I’m tellin ya, a movement. Enough already, time to do some nuts and bolts stuff.

  2. I can’t believe how you continue to come up with these rich transit interpretations ! Anyway, now I’ll get picky (Virgo rising):
    Saturday night the Cancer Moon Sextiles the Virgo Sun, not Trine.
    Basically same difference.

  3. I continue to read ‘doing the right thing.’ I have to add some Virgo to that. Doing the right thing for the right reason. It involves some awareness of the outcome one is working for. If I am a loyalist entranced by like say the nazi dogmatists we read about last week, the right thing would be to obey the surrogate god. That is kinduv a joke because as the commandments state, don’t put other gods before the big G. It is called bearing false witness. Or as Budhism says, if you see the budha in the road kill him. Okay back to the nazi followers and the empty thoughtless reason of having a direct line to god and thereby assuming that power for themselves by means of association. What did they get in the end? What outcome were they working toward really when they were just being played by the appeal of killing scapegoats so that everyone would look like what they supposedly wanted them to look like and life would be good. The fear thing I don’t really think that is a good reason either. It is not a positive reason. If safety is what the fearful want, they may end up in a boring room somewhere safe and totally unrealized as a person.

    If there is not reason, or intended outcome, that is when people end up with what they don’t really want. Unless, in the case of those surrogate gods, they get to be in control of the masses minds and hearts. They get what they want, for awhile. But only if it is gifted to them by the masses. That’s the part I don’t get. The inability to think independently. Giving over one’s mind. Insanity I guess.

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