Weekly Love Forecast – Drumming Up Options And Possibilities

candy legosWith Venus square Jupiter, and Mercury in Gemini on the north node, options and choices are expanding rather than contracting. The last few weeks’ Taurus stellium picked up the push-pull influence of the Saturn-Uranus square, but now the Sun heads into square with Jupiter.

The exact square is a ways off, but we’re out of the clinch and feeling our oats as we ramp up to a big PUSH with Sun-Jupiter. Venus-Jupiter is a candy store. Currently it’s either a fully lit but closed candy store, or it’s open and we haven’t got any money. Are you going to pout, or are you going to window shop and get ready? There’s always a workaround.

Mercury in Gemini heading onto the north node has all the angles, the best AND the freshest. It’s still planning time. That’s not to say action is unwarranted with Mars in Cancer moving into sextile with Uranus and square to Chiron. We’ve got a few chances to innovate, implement, and train up through our less-than-perfect first attempts.

If you’re a grown up, you don’t sit down on the sidewalk and wail because you’re temporarily thwarted. You take the same desire energy and re-route it, to something different or to what you’re going to do between now and when you get there. Cancer Mars with Taurus Uranus action can find something novel from which to derive satisfaction, or something perennially sweet can be repurposed to fit.

Saturday morning, Venus completes its 29 degree square to Jupiter then leaves Taurus for Gemini by night. With Venus and Mercury both in Gemini, you’ve got two delightful twin sugar terrors. Both cute and smart – one to wish and one to puzzle it out. Partners in pretty shenanigans, both can target and hone what they’re after.

We’re still out ahead of Tuesday’s new moon, but this weekend we’re seeing signs of the upcoming eclipse season. Our options are blowing in with the quick, Gemini wind. An active open mind is the best thing to cultivate this weekend. Whatever you do or don’t do, choose or don’t choose, let it lead you into better and better options.

Friday night, the Aries Moon sextiles Mercury and squares Mars. The mood is swift and healthy. If you get in a snit with someone, consider that it might be exactly what you chose to do. Otherwise, enjoy the fireworks and use the active mood to suck up those sweet Venus-Neptune sparks.

Saturday night, the Aries Moon is a fiery accompaniment to that change of aesthetic as Venus goes from its own rulership to Mercury-ruled Gemini. It’s a fun transition with more delights than you can shake a stick at. Or at the very least it will be “interesting” and “exciting”.

On Sunday, the Moon continues on into square with Pluto for double intensity and reactivity (given Mars in Cancer), but it also makes for a burst of fortitude if you need it. It then sextiles Jupiter at the end of the sign and moves to Taurus still holding that adrenaline. It’s a day when you’re going to want to give it your all, and best that you do. When you burn off your tank, you’ll find just enough left in reserve to tie it all up in a bow and relax. Get ready for a good night’s sleep!

What are your weekend plans?



Weekly Love Forecast – Drumming Up Options And Possibilities — 3 Comments

  1. I seem to have broken into the candy store and am enjoying the sweets of my labor. You can’t be saying there is more?

    I worked hard for this. Literally feel myself travelling through space. Hearty perspective. Interesting and exciting to say the least.

  2. There was transit sun conjunct venus and transit jupiter square sun and I felt so lonely and down that I cried twice. No candies for me.

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