Weekly Forecast: September 23-27, 2019 – Libra Season, Venus Square Saturn

venus marsEarly Monday morning, the Sun makes its seasonal move to Libra, and autumn commences. It’s the beginning of harvest season. What goes out, must come back. That’s Libra balance. Time to start balancing.

Venus rules Libra. The Sun joins Venus and Mercury in the sign. With Chiron slowly transiting Aries, all Libra planets oppose Chiron, and the Sun forms that aspect all week (exact Thursday). If you’re not willing to meet your authentic self internally, to be real, it shows up in lessons via the other. Whatever behavior you’re encountering, consider it an invitation to suss out your own relationship to its core value.

That sounds shitty… maybe. It’s a chance to become aware, so you can even yourself out and become the beautiful person you genuinely want to be. As with all cardinal energy, you can effect change if you’re proactive. You have to become aware that something needs improvement and is ripe for change. This is a good week to put on a smile and observe with good humor. What you put out, you’re getting back.

With Mars in Virgo, perfectionism can be an enemy of motion. It’s important to take steps even if those steps aren’t ideal. Making a plan is a great first step. Make it a pretty plan, a visual plan. Pretty something up. If you don’t know where to start, try asking if you can help someone else. It gets things moving, and you’ll find your groove.

Monday, the Cancer Moon, opposes Pluto and sextiles Mars. Mars’ trine to Pluto is past exact, but there’s plenty of juice left to GO. The mood is right to find those first steps.

On Tuesday, the Moon hits Leo. Juno trines Saturn and Mercury sextiles Jupiter. These aspects contain the ingredients of great and long reaching plans and projects. We can brainstorm, and we can commit.

The Leo Moon is Sun-ruled and sextiles the Sun. It trines Chiron and squares Uranus. The first steps of change may be uncomfortable, but the feeling improves as we do. There’s the opportunity to improve. Be yourself. It feels good. Sometimes that’s change enough, because who we are is not static.

Wednesday, the Leo Moon sextiles Venus then Mercury. It goes on to trine Jupiter. Libra Venus makes its exact square to Saturn. The mood is generous, positive, creative, and upbeat; and yet, there’s an element of deprivation or blockage in the mix. You can have all the right answers, all the right bait, and still run up against a brick wall. But it’s not always a no, sometimes it’s a yes you had to wait for. Sometimes it’s good news, but not the great news you were wanting.

One thing to remember, sometimes we suffer in the short term in order to realize a win in the end. We rarely see that in the short term. A no or a loss doesn’t feel good. But with such good Moon aspects, there’s got to be a silver lining there somewhere, even in the short term. Find it for yourself. When you find it, smile big and be gracious. It helps others find theirs too.

Just because something didn’t turn out as you wished, doesn’t mean you didn’t deserve what you want. You do. It just wasn’t the right time, or it wasn’t quite right somehow. Your value is uncontested. If your time to win didn’t come this week, it’s still out there, on its way. Your investment is brewing. Let it brew.

Thursday, the Sun opposes Chiron exactly and the Moon moves to Virgo. Virgo ruler Mercury (in Libra ahead of the Sun) squares Pluto. The Virgo Moon trines Uranus and goes on to trine Saturn. There’s news, powerful news. For some it’s devastating news – but remember, not for all. We find out what’s been going on underground, what’s been happening in the dark. But remember, not all you hear will be unvarnished truth. Some of the details are soiled in the telling. Stay high minded when you can. And don’t kill the messenger. That’s a thing too. The mood is stable and open to the unknown. We can take it. Whatever it is, we can take it in and stay with the flow.

This is a bad time to be the bearer of nasty gossip. A gossip’s reputation will be sullied as well. If you have to bring bad news, do it with a clean and service oriented heart. Make your words kind, even if the content is crap.

Friday, the Virgo Moon conjoins Juno and squares Jupiter. This is a rather textbook mood for marital squabbling, but it can also be quite the aphrodisiac if things are not horrible. Sometimes even if they’re horrible. The Moon then trines Pluto and opposes Neptune. See if you can blow through the fight (some conflict is good for relating) and get to appreciating the makeup. The Moon conjoins Mars after opposing Neptune. This is always good for clearing out the mood after confusion… with a little action (nudge nudge). Or take a nice, brisk walk and clear your head.

What house does Libra occupy in your chart? Where are you seeing the Libra stellium constellate for you?



Weekly Forecast: September 23-27, 2019 – Libra Season, Venus Square Saturn — 5 Comments

  1. 6th house here, I really appreciate this work-up here Satori, oh my, will I be paying attention this week – my diary is all written up with your notes. . . . . flack jacket on as we approach another house selling episode. . . and fully realising Timing and Grace very important also. Highest Self batter up pleeeze. Your weekly and weekend-iez are so brilliant Satori, all the time, BRILLIANT, as in de-LIGHT-ful. Thanking YOU.

  2. All of this weeks energy is bundled in my first house… squaring my Cappy Mercury, Neptune. The Libra stellium will then begin aspecting my Cappy sun and Venus next week. I can feel the need for balancing my relationships, starting with the one I have with myself. Right on!

  3. Thanks for the thoughtful description of Wednesday’s aspects, Satori. Wednesday is my birthday. Turns out, my getaway celebration plans with my boyfriend will be shelved for a few weeks while he deals with some unexpected health issues. Just a raincheck as you described.

  4. “If your time to win didn’t come this week, it’s still out there, on its way. Your investment is brewing. Let it brew.”

    Thanks for the reminder.
    I had applied for an apartment which I didn’t get. I am kinda sorta used to it, being very Saturnian in my horoscope, but my I was dissapointed. And yet – the mood is not THAT bad, I thought this could probably why. So, better luck the next time, I hope!

  5. 11th House. I’ll have to double check my chart but pretty sure this stellium will be bumping next to and transiting my Jupiter there. Not happy to hear The Virgo Moon Juno connection as squabbling but it sure explains it! I have this connection in my chart-Juno in the 7th in Gemini and Moon in Virgo Squaring. : /. Glad to have the above guide posts this next week though! Thanks Satori!

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