Weekly Forecast: October 9-13, 2017 – Jupiter Into Scorpio And Friday The 13th

halloweenMonday morning the Sun squares Pluto, Libra to Capricorn. With the Gemini Moon on the move into aspect with both and Jupiter at 29 degrees, this is bound to unearth some vital pieces to the puzzle of Jupiter’s transit through Libra, the model for how we do relationships.

The Gemini Moon moves into trine with sign ruler Mercury in Libra as well. If the facts didn’t drop over the weekend with Mercury’s exact square to Pluto, they are more likely to land softly now. However the realizations arise, they’re set to be integrated into daily practice. Whatever you’re left with, whatever your understanding… there you are. We still have the work of fitting the small pieces into the big picture. That can happen over time.

That work will go on well after Jupiter moves to Scorpio early Tuesday morning. It moves to Scorpio, then the Moon moves to home sign Cancer, in trine. The Moon feels, and Jupiter broadcasts. In Cancer, the Moon’s feels are highly internal – but deft and strong. In Scorpio, Jupiter is likely to take a deep look around before it shouts. In trine with this particular Moon, the beginning of the Scorpio Jupiter transit is powerfully moving. There’s a feeling of juicy and promising possibility. Stew in it. Let it fill you.

This is the beginning of the story of how we do sex, and death, and merging. We investigate the shadow and find it is attached. To US.

Let go of petty problems long enough to appreciate this deep movement. There’s an undercurrent, a hint of so many things we’re about to uncover. Listen with your heart. It’s a preview set to put us on the right frequency to uncover and receive deep truths. If we tune to the frequency, we can pick up the flow of the current and follow along.

Deep underground tides are forming. On their face, they can be frightening… but not if you tune in and find that flow. They become empowering. Jupiter in Scorpio is a detective. It’s a thrill.

Along with Jupiter moving into Scorpio, Mars moves into square with Saturn and Venus forms an opposition with Chiron. We have to slow down and learn something vital before we can move on. Tuesday is a bumpy ride. It can be exciting and thrilling, or frightening and stultifying depending on the attitude you take. Mercury is the best indicator of how to fix that attitude for best effect.

Mercury sextiles Saturn. Joseph Campbell said: “If you’re falling, dive.” We have agency over how we see things, and there’s plenty of opportunity here to appreciate this change and get on board by choice.

There’s a reward for choosing positive anticipation and participation. And it’s the right thing to do. First we have to get over the idea that we’re being dragged or pushed. We can jump in and dive on our own steam. That’s the way to control the impact… finesse. Execute a positive and balancing attitude and the effect will be precision and success.

We still have control, agency. The trick is to see that for what it is, rather than see our choices as reactions to the whims of something outside ourselves. The backdrop of life is full of things we can’t control, but we control the actions we take in response. Our attitude is how we spin the understanding of that fact.

By Friday, the Sun moves into sextile with Saturn. We have the opportunity to make that choice into a paved road forward.

Friday the Moon moves to Leo, picking up that choice and bringing a mood of fun and creativity! Friday looks super and life-affirming, even stabilizing in its clean, fiery mood. Take that ball and run with it!

Where is Libra Jupiter transiting your chart? Are you feeling close to closure in that area? Are you ready for Jupiter in Scorpio?

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Weekly Forecast: October 9-13, 2017 – Jupiter Into Scorpio And Friday The 13th — 15 Comments

  1. This is one of the things about astrology that I find to be very amazing. Aspects are NOT separate events. Just like an orchestra, they harmonize with each other. After all, it is the Uni-verse. The Sun (3rd chakra, solar plexus) square Pluto (the ruler of Scorpio), the day before Jupiter (5th chakra, speaking the Creative Word) shifts into Scorpio needs to be viewed as an event, not two separate things happening. Can you feel it? Your own personal power needing to be spoken into reality?

  2. Nope…not getting closure since Jupiter is currently transiting the 10th house. It will still be in the 10th when entering Scorpio. Changes are afoot and am trying to get a better handle

  3. I will start to write a thesis for my bachelors degree during November-December. Jupiter will then be in my 3rd house! Conjunct Pluto. Oppy my Sun and Mercury in 9th house (university). Coinsedence much?!
    I’m soo stressed out about this. And I have a crush on someone that has turned me mentally upside down, I have hard time focusing on things! So I hope my thesis will go well…

    • You can do it! Scorpio energy thrives on chaos and destruction and is extremely focused like a surgeon! I was able to complete a 19 page research paper the week after a family member passed away. Good luck on your thesis!

      • Thank you Cuspy! I hope so!

        Oh no I’m so sorry for your loss 🙁 And how you could finish your research paper after that, thats intense..

  4. That first part of the article is so spot on that you coukd have wouted what happens in my life right now regarding retrieval of the very core and essence of me before I can move on and into a better relationship than the past years have let me. Jupiter is at home in my Scorpio 8th house and I can feel the right path is right in front of me, so I need to reclaim this important part of me before moving on. It’s intimate and vulnerable, just like Scorpio is beneath the surface of the tough-as-nail Scorpio… Not too long now, and I’m hopefully healed enough to begin a new phase of life when Jupiter has his return in my horoscope.

    Well written, Satori!

  5. Looking forward to Jupiter in Scorpio with not a little trepidation. I love Jupiter being in Libra in my 1st and part of my 2nd house. WIth my Mercury in Libra I was all kinds of vocal. Words flowed like wine.
    A sad note. My Scorpio mom was not well. I told my family she would not pass until Jupiter moves into Scorpio. She died this morning. 24 hours prior to the change. My Libra brother was the last to see her. Spine tingling….

  6. My 5th Jupiter return later in 2018. It will be crossing chart ruler Neptune shortly too in the 8th house. I am optimistic since this activates a grand trine in the chart that is quite fortunate financially and romance wise. Yay!

  7. Jupiter transiting 7th house trining N Jupiter and Chiron 12th moving across country and will meet heaps of like minded new people,happy happy.

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