Weekly Forecast: October 4-8, 2021 – New Moon In Libra Conjunct Mars

venus marsThis week we have a big new moon in Libra, Venus-ruled with Venus at the very end of Scorpio. The new moon quincunxes Uranus in Venus-ruled Taurus and applies into close conjunction with Mars.

The next day, the Libra Sun conjoins Mars exactly and Venus moves to Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius.

Up through the early morning new moon Wednesday, the Moon and the spiritual soil darken with increasingly fertile promise. Afterward we make a fresh start, heading into the light. Once in Sagittarius, Venus will move through conjunction with the Moon’s south node, bringing appreciation and value for the knowledge we currently have and values we already embody.

Monday’s Virgo Moon heads into opposition with Neptune, exact in the second part of the day. From there it trines Pluto and sextiles Venus (exact overnight). The mood is practical, evaluative, and tracks with our ability to extract the best and leave the rest.

On Tuesday, the Moon finishes in Virgo then moves to Libra. Once there, it heads into trine with Saturn, then an opposition to Chiron overnight. The newly Libran Moon mood balances being graceful and polite with being healthily straightforward and authentic. One way or another we’re learning something, and it’s almost certain we’re doing it with someone else involved.

Early Wednesday morning is the new moon Moon-Sun conjunction. The Libra Moon quincunxes Uranus, rolls over Mars and then eventually retrograde Mercury. By evening it trines Jupiter and squares Pluto. It’s a social Moon, but it may take some priming. Push yourself to engage, actively engage in something outside yourself. Even if you’re not feeling it. You don’t need to go looking, just make the added effort when the situation presents itself. It needn’t be big or in person; it’s the connection that matters.

It could feel dry at first, but you’ll find that electric assist kicking in once you make the effort. Consider it an investment in yourself that you make through acting with another. Wherever the new moon falls in your chart is the area of life you’re most inclined to recognize this chance to act. With Uranus involved, it’s likely to bring a surprise or a change in the plan.

Pluto is fairly stationary all week, but it begins to move forward, ever so slightly, just after the new moon.

Thursday morning, Venus hits Sagittarius – fiery and linked to Jupiter in airy Aquarius. We want more! We value future-oriented goodies! We value our freedom. It becomes easier to link into the idea of what we want to acquire to take us on our way. Wanting more leads to going after more. And that’s FUN. It’s an adventure.

After Venus reaches Sadge, the Moon heads into Scorpio, the sign Venus just vacated. The Scorpio Moon spends most of the day heading into square with Saturn. Once we begin to recognize all we want, the mood may throw up a stumbling block: “But it’s so hard… but I don’t have it”, etc. It will pass. Another good use of the energy is to take the break to dive down deep and see what you DO have and how you can use that to get to what you want, or get to getting to. Subvert any tendency to balk.

Considering the fresh new moon, it makes sense to enlist a companion when starting to plan that quest.

Thursday night the Libra Sun conjoins Libra. And we begin in earnest.

Friday’s Scorpio Moon opposes Uranus. Scorpio doesn’t love a surprise for surprise’s sake. But if it’s a good one, oh yeah it does. Later, the Moon trines Neptune, squares Jupiter, and sextiles Pluto. Finding your flow is the difference between fun and dysfunction. It’s possible to manipulate yourself in a good way. The magic trick is to believe that you can.

The new moon takes place at 13 Libra. Where does that hit your chart?



Weekly Forecast: October 4-8, 2021 – New Moon In Libra Conjunct Mars — 4 Comments

  1. My own natal moon in the 8th house, square natal Mars.

    This one will be hot!
    If it’s in a good or bad way, I dunno, but it’s smack dab on my natal moon which is connected to Mars in Cap, on the brink into the 12th house…. Go figure.
    Go deep or go home I’d say!

  2. The New Moon exactly squares my (12th) Cap Sun-Mercury conjunction. Considering Uranus is currently conjuncting my Chiron (exact) and Chiron sorta kinda leaving the square to the Sun, but still within reach, it’s been quite the pressure cooker around here and it doesn’t seem like that’s going away any time soon 🤦‍♀️ 😆

  3. Hits my 7th house, very close to Desc at 11 degress Libra. I’m very excited to see what will happen. 😀 Probably nothing much from the outside, lately all things have been happening in my head.

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