Weekly Forecast: October 26-30, 2020 – Libra Venus And Mercury Bring Delights And Parity

on a logThe Moon is full in Taurus early Saturday morning, outside the scope of this weekday forecast. However, aspects that set the stage have been coalescing over the weekend and will continue through this week. Once the full moon hits, the effect is quick, so the magic is in the run-up.

On Monday, the Pisces Moon sextiles retrograde Uranus. Uranus has already entered the degree of the upcoming full moon. Clues as to the nature of the full moon’s arena in your life are subtle but present. Rather than look for them, remain open and let their arrival juice you up. The Moon moves from that sextile into conjunction with Neptune, exact overnight into Tuesday. Dreams offer insight, but we also “feel it in our bones.”

Tuesday, retrograde Mercury at the first degree of Scorpio opposes Lilith at the first degree of Taurus. Inklings of “I wonder what’s up with them…” stir, or they have been stirring in you and are just now noticed by someone else. Emphasis on the tasty elements of such an exchange.

The Pisces Moon sextiles Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn and the mood works with the existing flavors of the world around us to connect to the larger tides of fate. It’s a chance to align with the current, and you decide if it’s pleasant or not. There’s a chance to increase a feeling of solidity or enhance optimism via these supports. If it’s not working that way, pull back a bit and use that same energy to go inward for support.

Tuesday night, retro Mercury moves back into Libra at 29, and direct Venus moves into the first degree of Libra. Take a deep breath and look for what’s good about it all. Gratitude is just one side of the coin, but it merits a rebalancing of attention now. With the supportive aspects the Pisces Moon makes, dreams are more likely to be markedly deep but pleasant.

Wednesday morning, the Moon hits Mars-ruled Aries and an immediate opposition to Venus in Libra. With Mars retrograde up ahead in the sign, it can lend a bit of frustration. It can be a lure to something lovely but frivolous… but ill-advised or difficult to obtain. Not BAD exactly, just bothersome. Given other factors, alternately it could be that you are in the mood to give or receive something nice now after some previous delay. That sounds more like it!

On Thursday, the Aries Moon passes over retrograde Mars, the mood headed one direction, the call to action another. That might sound like a problem, but it can actually be invigorating! An Aries mood minds its own business and fares well in charge of only its own direction. Winding it up can be a good, no GREAT thing. By nighttime, the Moon squares Jupiter and Pluto. That can spell some tension or being too revved up to sleep well… but alternately it can signal just the kind of play an Aries mood delights in, and a chance to be worn out in a good way.

Friday morning, retro Mercury in Libra moves back into square with Saturn. Whose error is it? Is it even an error? Does something need to be corrected? You’re probably not in the best mood to do it, but it’s likely timely. If someone snaps at you, remember to put a good face on. It’s really not worth an argument or putting weight on the relationship. You defo don’t want to wind up viral and have it affect your reputation.

Now that said, the error could be in your favor. So if you’re up against an authority, use your sweet words to press for compensation or correction.

For the first part of the day, the Moon in Aries moves through a tense t-square with an opposition to Mercury and a square with Saturn. However, once that reactive mood passes, the Moon in early Taurus is pleasure seeking and takes advantage of Mercury and Venus in Libra for some light but satisfying conversation and delicious and sensual rewards.

We can feel a sizzling in the air by then, due to the upcoming full moon. However, it’s also exciting. Venus in Libra, where it’s LOVELY, is coming up on opposition to Chiron in Aries – where Chiron kicks ass. Be yourself, no matter what they say. Just don’t do it in a way that brings you pain or gives injury. Be self protective in your realness.

The full moon takes place Saturday morning at 8 degrees Taurus, conjunct Uranus. Take a look at the house or houses where this influences your chart. Issues of loyalty, betrayal, values, and shared resources are rising to the surface. Take inventory of how you feel on those fronts as the Moon moves over the end of the zodiac and through the beginning this week. Pay particular attention Wednesday through Friday morning when the Moon in Aries opposes Merury and Venus broadly.



Weekly Forecast: October 26-30, 2020 – Libra Venus And Mercury Bring Delights And Parity — 2 Comments

  1. The full moon falls right between my 5deg Taurus Sun & my 11deg Taurus DESC. So, it’s in my 6th, but I’m curious if you read it as both houses when it’s that close to an angle?

  2. Ha, I also have 11 degrees Taurus DC 😁, so it’s very close to 7h. Also my Moon is 13 degrees Scorpio, full 🌕 makes double opposition. I don’t want to experience some emotional roller-coaster.

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